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A Reminder

written by: OurSacredHonor

What's the key to getting started?
Being mad or broken hearted?
Feeling down or feeling anything?
Feeling numb or feeling too many things?
I'll never claim to know the answer to any of these questions
Besides, if I did then what's the point? I wouldn't be here guessing
If I knew already then I wouldn't have to write
If I knew then everything would be alright
But I don't know so don't go and leave me here
I'm not prepared yet to cope with all my fears
I'm just tired enough to mention it in a line
Drawn so thin but I will be able to walk it in time
Careful not to cross it though because crossed fingers and feet
Soon have to let go and send tight rope walkers to the street
And I don't wanna end up just another chalk outline
I don't want to end up, just another poet wasting lines
Wasting time, and wasting space
Wasting paper, not knowing his place
But sit me behind a guitar and in front of a band
And I will promise you all I won't end up just like you've planned
Because I don't take well to you saying "You won't make it"
Because I don't care what you say, and I'm not out to take it
For granted and pray for a record deal
I'm more about the words, the sound, and the feel
This is far too important to me to let you
And your shortcomings try to short me too
I won't take it from you but I'm gonna get what I'm owed
And in time you will find that finally I'll have reaped what I sewed
This isn't a masterpiece, but it's not supposed to be
This isn't a perfect phrasing either, but it's all coming from me
I'll say it truthfully and stand behind each and every word that I say
And at the end of the day when the pain fades away
I'll write them down and keep them close
And take them out to read them when I need them the most


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