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And If I

written by: OurSacredHonor

And if I show up at your door and don't have flowers
Don't be sitting in the car wishing away the hours
Because maybe, just maybe, I've got a trick or two left
Up the sleeves of my short sleeve shirt

And if I haven't given you a poem lately
Don't start thinking that I haven't been writing baby
Because maybe, just maybe, I've got a line or two left
In this ink well thought to have dried up long ago

I may not do this often, or quite often enough
But I've always managed to get by with the help of lady luck
I can't stop thinking of you and I'll always do my best
To make your heart beat a little faster deep within your chest

If you're this in love with me after all of my mistakes
You've almost got me thinking you'll love me more the more I make
That's probably a good thing knowing I'll make a million more
So I hope I've only gotten a taste of the love that we're in store for

Where does half a decade past stand against a future bright?
Where do nights alone all go when we're together tonight?
We can't go back or rush ahead, and I can't erase this line
So why don't we enjoy ourselves, we'll just take our time

I could stay up all night waiting for you to come home even though I know you're not
I'd stay up until tomorrow, waiting for you to fill this spot
This space, this place, the missing face that should be lying next to me
You alone have always known exactly who I can be
I've broken some rules, and bent the rest
I've wasted some time but can pass its test
I've caught you and somehow still manage to keep
You next to me while we sleep
My worst fear is that I'll wake up alone 8 years ago
and find out you don't really exist and have a story whose ending I don't know
But don't worry honey cuz I've still got the pen
And I'll make sure this fairytale gets its happy end


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