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A Ferry Tale Ending

written by: OurSacredHonor

The moon sinks low, almost full, over lights
As my heart overfull, spills out into the night
It's like waking up from a dream
And all you can do is give that silent scream
I've got my guitar and this blank page to write this all out
And as soon as I get home I swear I'll pound this song out
Because I can't bring myself to keep doing this
Over and over again and not put it to music
Stubborn as the tides pounding from one shore to the other
Stubborn as the two of us, somehow always missing each other
But this isn't the way it had to be, this is the way we made it
And if I could have the chance to go back, you know I would never take it
A dark night sky out here can be brighter than the day
When the moon is out, shining clear, and strikes the water this way
I couldn't begin to count the number of times I've done this before
But I still get chills when the ocean air hits my breath when I walk out the door
Most of the trip spent staring in and out of window panes
Everything always changes when we want it to stay the same
I'll scratch this all for a little something a little more cliche
Because an overuse of complex language tends to get in the way
But who am I tell myself what all of this will mean?
A journey half completed with an ending I haven't seen
Call me selfish but I'd rather see you and crash this boat onto the shore
Than sail it around in circles out here and miss you forever more

And I love it here even if I don't say so
Yes my friends are here, but there's more that you don't know
I picked myself up and I left long ago
I ended up here, but now it's time for me to go home

When sailing toward nothingness means I'm sailing towards everything
Means I need to trust a stranger to steer this vessel towards anything
That's closer to you than I am right now
Regardless of what happens I'll get there somehow
When on time is preferred but being late is better than never
I'll always rush towards the one willing to wait forever
And if I don't make it in all one piece remember puzzles are broken to start
Piece my piece I'll put these shorelines together until we're not an ocean apart
And all of this, and all it means
Is just more lonely words lost out at sea
And all of this, and all it means
Is just lost out at sea like me


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