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The Answer to Loneliness is Found in Being Lonely

written by: OurSacredHonor

When your life feels like it's made out of paper mache
And every tired word that escapes my lips feels so cliche
And every rhyme here has no reason it gets so hard to say
But I feel that hope's our last ditch effort at keeping our fears at bay

We hope our hearts to death while we think ourselves to sleep
And all the dreams we dream with eyes closed they get so hard to keep
And before we even know it we've dug ourselves in too deep
So the only way to ever get back there is to close your eyes and weep

Well, if crying is the cure, then sadness is the disease
Moving in and out of us however it may please
Even when it's not there it's in your ears like the whispers of trees
It comes and goes just like the tides but it never really leaves

It's the ghost that drags our shadow so that it may never see the sun
It's the path that somehow ends here before it has begun
Disillusioned conclusions drawn just like a gun
Revolution is the answer but there's no 9 without a 1

Now it's after 3 and you're asking me about things I've never known
But I'm tired and I'm fading fast, hoping it hasn't shown
And that you see the answers to your questions are found when you're on your own
You can't make it with someone else until you can make it with yourself alone


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