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Summer O'Trouble

written by: QuasiLiterate

The boy of Summer will never come out from this body again.
When the stream of the south had come and crushed our bond.
And yet again I knew I'd be caught in a girl of you, like my season.
As the sandy beach that is your forehead is ridden of the tears that are the ocean.
With those sunburst eyes that mock the eastern sunrise.
Hardly news to me; my ship's been ridden for so long.
I climb aboard Trouble; forgetful of her scars from past Summers.
We set sail as the real test of this solstice begins for me.
Sure enough, we capsize.
I swim through this disaster, but to where? I don't know.
This desert life centers us five miles from the coast, cast away from our past.
We're far from willing to swim back and learn from that life we know too well.
She has her doubts, but we can cover the Atlantic like nobody better.
The British Channel calls our name, and by sunset we've ranged the African coast.
We drift a melodiously to and fro on the wave of this Oceanic utopia; nobody watching.
However, I've learned nothing from the loves of past summers.
And much to my ignorance the perfect storm strikes me from behind, yet again.
For this safe haven we built miles from humanity corners you in.
The sun cries her mercy as the tears block out her stunning rays of hope; the ones I had seen myself in.
I call your name, and where do you go?
These waters will crush those who go about them alone.
But I've tread these waters before, too many times that I must be foolish.
Only to find the mysterious acquaintances I've once held to be gone.
As the ship within sinks on my way to the ocean floor,
The current throws my body back onto the shore.
And I rebuild again.


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