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written by: OurSacredHonor

I think I remember right about where this all fell apart
It's so funny how quickly castles can collapse after such an impressive start
We fitted ourselves with crowns and climbed the tallest towers
Spending all night looking down at the moonlit moat for hours
We should have been surrounded but instead we were separated
A kingdom divided, a story two-sided, and two halves both gated

We were not fit royalty, but rather jesters in a court
Both full of antagonistically quick-witted, sharp, poignant, clever retorts
But that sort of nonsense was most despised
The only thing we hated worse was the look in the other's eyes

For some reason every now and again we'd pretend that the moat wasn't there
"How about the weather?"
"It couldn't be better"
It could be a monsoon for all that we cared
To make believe for that instant we weren't at war was as sweet as any victory
The only thing left to strive for was the cease fire we'd come to so desperately need
No treaty need be signed because the terms on which we agree
Will be set forth in this armistice, defined here mutually

I'll lay down my sword and pass you a noose
You can sever my head or hang me, you choose
There is no other way for us both not to lose
Than to accept the inevitable truce
Will you carve me out or watch me choke?
Or will you wield my blade and cut that rope?

Severe the ties that have bound us so
Apart has become the only way that we know how to grow
But this needn't be the case and both you and I know
The answer lies within a seed that we once tried to sow
We counted our chickens before they hatched
And planned on a bountiful harvest when the weather had us outmatched
We didn't crumble beneath a great army or a fire breathing dragon
But rather fell victim to our own devices, putting the horse behind the wagon
Let's be done now with this battle that we have lovingly made sport
May we begin to act like gentlemen and ladies of the same court

The storms have past
The dust has settled
We've learned crowns make for heavy heads
Let's start back at the beginning
With no losing or winning
And declare an armistice instead


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