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written by: OurSacredHonor

This symphony of insensitivity is haunting me
Like an organ in an empty church right before the funeral
Keys depressed with such finesse no one could detect
The organist playing a hymn only labeled by a roman numeral
Sometimes the saddest songs are the ones we sing in our heads
This sinking feeling was aided by the high ceilings
The worst thing in the world is to be alive and feel dead
Kneel, sit, stand, lay, searching for the words to say
I don't pray, but I felt obliged to speak my peace
All I could think of was the day that you'd carry me to my grave
What words would you have for me, the deceased?
"Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes"
I could almost feel the floor give to the weight of every heart that sank
"Here he lies", someone in black cries
The irony of this honesty leaves my mind drawing a blank
It's fitting that I'd be lying as I left this world
The one true way I can cover my tracks
Not that it matters now because
Surely I'm not coming back
The organ booms along and I'm still sitting in the aisle
The echo resounds throughout the rafters
I guess I'll sit here a while
And think about what it'll be like after


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