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Anatomy of a Jellyfish

written by: OurSacredHonor

To get over it or to get over you?
Are we just getting started or are we finally through?
To think that I had spilled my guts just to have you claim them all for your own
In all the years that I have known you I'd like to think that you had grown
But you've shown me time and time again
You're a gutless coward more than you're a friend
So take all the guts you think you need
You certainly need them more than me

And why don't you grow some new vocal chords
Or at the very least get a pair that works better than yours
Because it appears they work fine around anyone else
But they shutdown completely when it's just you and myself
Coincidence? I think not,
I doubt that it's just your voice is shot
For someone who wasn't feeling so hot
You talk to others quite a lot

And did you exchange your feet for flippers
In your search for that prince with your glass slipper?
Because apparently
You've lost your ability
To walk when it comes to me
But you swim quite well in your sea of self pity

And while we're dealing with the subject of vital body parts
Why don't you go ahead and tell me about all the broken hearts
That you've got lined up on your shelves for everyone to see
You don't have a heart of your own so how else could you ever wear one on your sleeve?
With style like yours, who needs friends?
At least you'll always have your fashion, and all of your heartbreaking trends

Now let your bed be the shore, and when you're washed up like a jellyfish
I'll ask you, "how do you sleep at night?" You're so spineless...


Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 11:11PM

i liked it! you're rhyming is not forced, but honest and flowing! What a rare quality.

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