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A Stranger

written by: Musicislife10

I laugh when I want to
I don't feel ashamed
I eat tons of carbs
and I laugh when I act lame

I know that I'm different
and I don't follow the norm
I'm more complex than my smile
Inside is my storm

You don't know me at all
and I'm mostly to blame
But while I'm past the age of romance
it drips from your lips in vain

Art is my expression
my gaurdian, my mask
it keeps me from harm
an unshatterable glass

It's impossibe to judge
what you do not know
so I'll hide in my median
till your flaws start to show

Because a flaw is a mistake
an accident, a truth
for when I see your flaws
I see the real you

If you have the courage
to show me what's in you
then I'll respect what you've shown me
and I'll show my soul too

But forgive my not stopping
and bearing my soul
For to me you're a stranger
with whom i've grown old


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