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America #2

written by: Doctor24KN

America giving me a call
Why the hell do you do the things that you do
America giving me a yell
Crushing down the little voices that tell the truth
America why are you such a bitch
Messing up the world that I love
Making wars and starving your people
America you're a bitch
So stop calling me on the phone
To try and get me back
Under your broken wings
For I have cut stirrings that have held me down
So that I could try out my wings
To forget what you have done
America I unplugged my phone
To let you know
That I don't care any more
To listen to you
To try and hold me down
From opening the door of truth
So call some one else to listen to your crap
Because I closed my ears to you
Till you can tell me the truth.


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