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An Impure Devotion

written by: ISayActually

My burning heart I can no longer deny,
I must let my heart be free to fly,
To soar to heights that have never been reached
And the sky's limit it will breach,
To not write my feelings would be a crime,
For my love doth make these rhymes,
These are the words I am afraid to voice,
Because my cowardice gives me no choice,
These words do come straight from my heart,
It is my love, my muse, that makes it art,
When I first saw you walk into class,
I fell into pieces just like glass,
My heart was forever set ablaze,
As I watched you with a silent gaze,
I peered over the sea of boredom,
It was then I knew where you came from,
You had descended from a higher plane,
So your beauty, mankind could gain,
A seraph among the impure,
For my heart's despair you were the cure,
Your gentle glowing light,
Cut through my pitch black night,
You are something I shall never acquire,
For I am cursed to only admire,
But if by fate or chance,
That there is existing romance,
Then we might be together,
And our love shall last forever.


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