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A Lady Fair

written by: Myrdyn

That was one of the first poem I ever wrote in English. It has never been really read by anyone, save those who bother to read myspace blogs... The poem sounds a bit like a cliche (metric and everything) but it was done on purpose, to test my skills. Any comment welcome.

A Lady Fair of green and Gold
Dwells in a Land unseen and cold
She calls the birds who fly so high
O'r the mountains, amidst the sky

O Lady Fair whose name is known
By strongest ones and those alone
In poorest hearth and greatest Hall
Thy silver Name is known of all

Ofttimes thy voice, it can be heard
Warm in the air, swift as a bird
A voice which wakes strangest feelings
My time is long 'tween these singings

My Lady Fair, thou art unfair
Follow thy path I shall not dare
For thy kingdom lies in my head
And a dead Love lies in my stead


Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 12:00AM

I really like this! I think it has a nice flow and I love the imagery.

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