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A Portrait of Regret.

written by: playthevillain

Pain is something I'm not used to.
Not recently.
For the first time in a while,
I miss her.
I miss those piercing eyes.
I miss those lips.
They speak soft words to me and me alone.
I never ment to betray you.
I never wanted you to betray me.
I never wanted to think you were lying.
But I did.
I'm just too jealous.
I hate him, because you love him so much and he seems so unworthy.
I hate her, because you love her so much and she seems so unworthy.
So Unworthy.
I think of how I'd love to take it back, but I can't say Im sorry.
I'm not sorry for my dress
I'm not sorry for Anastasia
I'm not sorry for saying what I said.
I'm sorry that these things hurt you.


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