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Ashes In The Sand Of Dreams, Part 2.

written by: Matt Watson

Chapter 3
The Plan

"Here is the plan." Tony said the excitedness crisp in his voice. "In a few hours Cranious will be taking us to an Indian Reserve where he has his Cave of Torture, or COT. He has many torture devices, and also a Head of Torture, Coda. Coda will torture us until we either give them the book, or he gets bored of torturing."
"So, what happens when Coda gets bored?" I asked thoughtfully.
"He calls Cranious, and tells him its time for the Memory Device, it has a slight possibility that it will kill the person it is being used on, nad Coda doesn't want to risk Cranious killing him. So Cranious will come in and use the Memory Finder. The Memory Finder is attached to a screen and a surround sound system , kinda pointless. Anyways on the screen will appear memories and the sounds will come through the speakers. There is also a keyboard attached and he can type anything in, and if the memory has anything to do with that word, a list will pop on the screen, and he can pick from them, the list is only of the year it happened, but anyways, the plan is for me to jam the Memory Finder with my aura, and Cranious will go to get some tools to fix it. When he goes to get those tools I will put the memory finder deep inside your head, it is a drill, and I will disconnect the screen. After that you will slowly get your memories back." Tony explained.
"Sounds like a good plan... but what if it doesn't work." I said
"Then you would either die, and me die a slow horrible death, or you live and we both suffer a slow horrible death." Tony said like that was nothing.


Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:17AM

Your word choice really brings passion into the equation. It's feeling and emotional.

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