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Ashes In The Sand Of Dreams, Part 3.

written by: Matt Watson

Getting old, we don't have that excuse of being the kid we once were. A lot of times we want to be that kid, the kid we were, but cannot, because we're old. As an adult, we can't make as many excuses as we once did, and still be taken seriously. As a kid, we could make excuses, and usually, people would say, "he's just a kid." As a kid, we weren't mature enough yet to know better, or even if we knew better, being the kid that wanted to push the rule, and step over the line every once in awhile. Sometimes, I would like to step over the line, and not be seen as an adult that hasn't matured. I want to not be seen. I want to be able to be me, and not have to suffer consequences or be judged for what I do right now.


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