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Ashes In The Sand Of Dreams, Part 4.

written by: Matt Watson

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a guy and girl start going out, or dating, whatever the terms are these days, and seace to exist. No wonder so many couples break up, for one reason, they are together every waking moment, and when there are times of separation, one or both cannot handle it. There is a need for wanting, and it is so strong, that the relationship cannot work.

Relationships should have some space. They aren't always a thin stick with two pieces. One piece is the male, and the other, the female, with a heavy rock in the middle on top of it. No wonder the thin stick breaks after all the pressures that arguments or conflict, and separations can create.

A relationship, like a friendship, is an art. Without space, adaption, and growing; the stick breaks, and the relationship falls apart. Once the stick is broken, it cannot be placed back together like it once was. If you give it time or try to glue it, it's just a stick with some glue holding the two pieces together.


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