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Ashes In The Sand Of Dreams, Part 5.

written by: Matt Watson

"Nightmarish Memories"

But it will always go by so fast.
I can never forget the past.
No, never let allow it to be undone.
It was my life, it is apart of what I am now.

My memories shall still haunt me.
They always seem to surprise me.
Always so unexpected -
Silent screams of suffering,
Short gasps of agony,
And then my face clears
As I seem make it.

Sure, I may never be whole again.
Maybe I can hold it in for one last time,
Allow you to follow through unharmed.
So unlike me, so thankfully safe.

The horrors that have never disappeared,
That just merely are set on hold
Until I can take it no more.
Then I'll let the sweet darkness,
To carry me once again.
Always again and again and again,
Will I ever know who I am?

You'll never see me fall from grace,
Never see the pain cross my face.
Allow me to just walk
This lonely road, alone again.
I'll find my way,
So don't bother, leave me be.
You'll be fine, without me.


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