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If I only knew...

written by: choloepus

If I only knew what I now know
Would I have changed what I did?
Would I have walked a different path?
Would the outcome be the same?

If you knew the movie was going to be bad,
Would you still buy a ticket?
What if the movie led to that kiss,
That made you blush and fall to pieces?

If you knew those words led to a fight,
Would you remain silent?
What if the fight ended the sorrow,
Brought happiness, and set you free?

If you knew it was going to break a friendship,
Would you come to the same decision?
What if this friendship mended,
And became stronger because of it?

If you knew he was going to die,
Would you still have said those words?
What if the last thought that he had,
Was how much he truly loved you?

If you knew that letter was going to change your life
Would you still write it?
What if the future is still not written,
And something lies better on the horizon?

If I only knew...would I have changed?
Would I still be missing you, hoping for another day?
I'll wait for the future, see what it brings
Hope for the best...ignorance is bliss.


Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 1:40PM

Interesting...but I have to admit theres still plenty I'd like to change if I could. Ignorance can be bliss...but it can be dangerous sometimes, too. Good poem though!

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