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The Affair

written by: justhatgirl18

A stranger sits across from him.
She does not move, does not speak, only stares.
Fire burns in her eyes, a lustful look tempts his will.
His chest with swells with emotion...anger...fear...desire.
He cannot want her, cannot reach for her.
But his body yearns for her, exotic passions probe his mind
A million tiny knives slash his conscience, but the desire so intense.
He remember, recalls that night, every heated touch, every seducing kiss, every paralyzing breath
And still he yearns.
Yearns for the night he gave himself up to her.
The night they both became sinners of the same passion.
Young and reckless tangled in each others webs.
He wants to hold her against him, bodies as one,
But he must not, he cannot.
It would be improper.
So he sits, and does not reach, he sits...and yearns.
He gave his heart to a stranger.
A loose love, with loose ties.
So why is it he cannot look away.


Fri, May 16, 2008 at 3:02PM

Wow! That is really powerful! Great job!

Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 6:05PM

This is probs my favorite. The picture it paints is too amazing. Truly unconditional and i love it.

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