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As I Close My Eyes

written by: Matt Watson

Hey there, here it goes again
Another piece filled with adrenalin
Here we go again, another piece of sin
Always a step further to the win

Standing up, falling low
Will you ever know
How my mind flows
How I think of you
And what you do

As I sweat these tears
As I fight these fears
I will not back down
This time, I will not drown
In my own sorrow
I'll live to see tomorrow

Yeah, you can't bring me under
I'll fight and scream like thunder
At your pathetic attempts inside
As you try to control my mind
I'll defeat you tonight
I've got the light, against the night
I've got the fist, so I can resist
Humility as you lie
And you'll know you'll never make me cry

I'd rather die, I'd rather die
Then believe in your lies
I'll never again cry,
I'll never again try,
To crawl at your level
I don't need to sneak or meddel
In affairs that don't belong to me
Don't f*ckin try me,
You don't wanna mess with me
You'll just never ever be
Something that'll change me

Hey now, that is all
I still haven't had to fall
I've captured this moment
And I've stood so strong
You better never get in my way
Again, because it just won't be your day
I don't want you anymore
Just go bother someone else,
I don't want these games
Of rage and anger,
Mistakes that just have no solution
It's useless, and you're just helpless
So screw you, fist connects with the face
You'll never make me lose my grace

I'll walk down this road
Never again alone
For I've found my soul
And I've accepted this life

So goodbye, farewells
Won't see you until the end
When I'm wasted, complicated
And have found the peace
To drift away without sorrow


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