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Aid Our Mother Nature

written by: Lokisenna

The cup fell over,
Not sparing a drop.
Completely drained.

The quenched thirst of all,
The unthinkable happened.
Nothing left.

Not a drop,
The crowd grew silent.
The pressure began to arise.

As the crystal glass,
Shined so pure.
The light was not absorbed but when straight through.

The darkness surrounds the cup,
But it can not penetrate.
It tried to consume all the cup held.

The liquid a full, blood red,
Now every drop has been drained.
They only care cause there is nothing more to take.

Take from the Earth,
Take from Akasha.
Take from our mother.

She tried to help,
She tried to save them.
But they did was keep on taking.

As the cup fell,
So did her suffering body.
And the land.

Her kindness never returned,
Our mother, Gaia began to fall.
Her children had turned there back.

Her wrath now grew,
For the children who destroy.
Hurrican, Typhoon, Earth Quake.

The few children who love,
The few who care.
Aid there mother.

I stand on he Earth,
Allow my energy to flow.
My body now grows weak.

Dear Moon Goddesses,
Please lend me your strength.
Join me in mind and spirit.

Gaia gave me so much,
Yet humanity keeps taking more away.
No more respect.

Until my last breath,
Until my last day.
Gaia I will aid you,
In EVERY single way.

Blessed Be!


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