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Akasha (Principle Of Ether)

written by: Lokisenna

Timeless, space less,
Uncreated, incomprehensible, and indefinable.
The principal of Ether, Akasha.

Tettvas indebted to the mightiest of creators,
First to breath from it's depth was Tejas.
Fire, warmth and expansion, destruction and decomposing.

Two polarities, passive and active,
Relentless upon all realms.
None deny their aspects, their influence.

Apas, principles of water, opposites elude and interweave,
Coldness, and contraction, fundamental life giving and nourishing.
Active drastically opposite, negatives thrive.

Magnetic and Electric fluids form the material world,
Man and women would not be complete.
The hermaphrodite superior to both yields but a pint of Akasha's potential.

Vayu the mediator was second to immerge,
Air the principle that calms the fiery flames and the cool waves.
Through Vayu's form came creativity.

Allowing the lungs of the singer to fill with the words once unable to say,
Expression revealed a new.
Grateful for warmth, nourishment and creativity the mortal's heart begins to flourish.

Still that lacks may contain all,
Solidification, Prithivi the principle of Earth is last to be born.
Giver of time, space, measure, and weight.

Akasha gave birth to all,
Blessing mortal's with wisdom, sensations, emotions.
Grace from the multiple realms.

Upon her library we seek,
All can find that which you may not understand.
Few can deny the beautiful essence of Ether.


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