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Alf's infamous but probably true quotes 9

written by: alf hickey

1. Just because a person is emotional, doesn't mean they're a victim
2. Just because someone seems together, doesn't mean they're not criminally insane, you just don't know them yet !
3. Its funny how leaders try to make out "its all about you," when they're the one's getting the glory
4. To make out they're objective or to avoid an issue, the manipulative person, will say:
"everyone is entitled to their opinion"
"you're not the only person with an opinion"
"why should we listen to you"
5. It's easy to pick a person without integrity, they take support against an enemy as approval, when they should rebuke such support and people for causing them to sin.
6. Who is lazy ? The person who doesn't use a coaster or the person who uses one because they can't be bothered cleaning up ? Or better the person too lazy to make the money to afford or too lazy to check whether their table was mark proof ?
7. In a civilized society violence is legality, beaurocracy, formality and power. This is the equivalent of physical oppression or bullying, with the same mental scars and often the same physical outcomes. Its only sicker, more torturous and twisted. The person is forced to injure, kill or harm themself, when they receive injustice. This is civilization, violence under the guise of dignity. We just kill people, with our windsor knotted ties. And to formalise the agreement for them to be oppressed and kill themselves, we tell them, using official and procedural channels "you are responsible."
8. Expertise is not expertise when the expertise is not expertise
9. Its funny how Xians think rebuke and discipline is not loving, when the evidence of love in the bible is rebuke and discipline, eg. "the Lord rebukes those He loves."
10. People replaced fasting with "give up something" this year for the forty hour famine, one friend gave up talking. So I suggested what about "fasting by giving up your diet" for a weekend or "give up eating healthy food." This would be really hard for some.

11. Obesity is nature's way of keeping your butt comfortable when you sit at a computer. Its very contemporary !
12. Cellullite is nature's way of making your bum and thighs grippy so you don't slouch in your computer chair.
13. The problem with "community" is that people say you have to come out of the community to be in our community. Its usually just an excuse to make people dependent on "ministries" or "leaders" in my experience. This often apart from Christ, who we have access to freely in His community, the Catholic Church- Also the local Body of Christ, which requires no place or structure, Just love for Jesus and each other. This is better than any "Community," Its more a state of Shalom or Peace. The next step is charging entry and charging for indulgencies- but why go back to that ?
14. If you wanna be a real leader, not a wannabe, "in your immediate place or where you go," you need to love the down and outer, the weak, the needy, the helpless- including those that are lost because they do not know Jesus and love em and serve them. This is orthodox, biblical, radical and old school, Just do it ! I love St Judes, a Church named after the patron Saint of Lost Causes and Hopeless Cases. I'm glad someone like St Jude got it right, Jesus certainly did !

15. Vision isn't starting a program or initiative and outlining its structure. Vision is when one's heart or the heart of God responds to a need experienced in one's world. A lot of money is wasted on false "vision." A vision is for a better state of affairs, now or in the future. Vision depends on a critical faculty to assess what is there is crap and negative and needs to be changed. Vision paints a picture of how things can be, not a program or initiative. Vision does something about real things with whatever resources are in one's hands.
16. Time is so relative, so constructed, so distorted, so misunderstood, that it really doesn't work, the way we use it. Synchronicity to a machine called a clock, is perhaps the greatest idol of them all. It's point where we take God's Sun and Moon, night and day and say, I like numbers better, because we need to keep the Geneva economy ticking (no offence to their artistry with time pieces). Replacing God started earlier than that though. Maybe in the garden of Eden, even clothes and the fashion industry started there.
17. I wonder whether abattoir workers feel compassion for animals ?

18. The enemy of dreams is money, the friend of dreams is money.
19. If God is outside time and Space, Jesus could not have been God. But Jesus is and was God. If God is outside time and Space, God could never be personal or empathise with us. But God has always been personal and empathised with us in His grace.
20. Anyone who says you are angry and bitter, when you are not, is evil and full of false motivations and sin. We are what we see in our hearts. People need to check their own perception and conception, especially when they don't believe in the mystical or in the gift of discernment. They are the most evil slanderers. A person who attributes such to another is trying to control them through perceptions and labels. This person needs to mature in spiritual love.
21. The best remedy for ending hiccups, is reading about remedies to end hiccups.
22. Poverty is crap ! Especially when the resources exist to end it. The problem is our warped systems are tied to other objectives like the profit motive and evolutionary competition in market forces. The religion and church we follow each day. And yes, the believers are now the state trying to improve life for the people.

23. Solving problems is different to helping with problems.
24. Maybe the greatest vision we need to take hold of, is the vision of being content and satisfied with God, without playing games or being a worldly try hard.
25. To gain someone's respect often requires real contribution. Not show, or something contrived. But if you really care, or take a sincere interest in people, they will usually respond well. This doesn't mean they will reciprocate, its quite common for the people you love or help to let you down. This is the cost of love. The other "cost" is forgiveness, without which, God will not forgive us. Off course the devil will try to subvert this with different types of prejudice.
26. By being in the community (the world) and not being of the community (the world), we can help transform it by being real, infusing love and justice and also an example, in how we serve each other's real needs in the church. If it doesn't happen within the "church," there's no way its going to happen outside as a church. If it doesn't happen in the church, the church might also have little usefulness too.
27. At the end of the day, everyone is a street preacher, and the battle is what is right and wrong, true and false, real and unreal. There's a lot of crap before we get to this nitty gritty stuff, crap that I sometime dispense with quickly.
28. Edification in the church has come to mean: "if it sounds or feels good- listen." This form of denial guarantees that the church will be out of touch with people, community and God.
29. Being right or wrong has little to do with what is loving or unloving, except the message of love and truth being the right message and the opposite of this being the wrong message.
30. Love is always right, Sin is always wrong

31. When people move out of their comfort zone, they say you are inappropriate, as a way of ostracising you. They want to keep people in their safe little narrow universe. Unfortunately such a person struggles to adapt to the great, big, all seeing and knowing eye of God. They are little minded and certainly not free, especially in the Spirit of God.
32. Victory over addiction shows it is possible to defeat, yet people heal differently.
33. To know one must know, not just claim.
34. Surrender into the hands of God, withdrawing your weapons and giving up the flesh is a great act of faith and obedience. To give up to God, is the hardest, simplest and the most important thing to do.
35. Honor authority, don't honor their sin !
36. I wonder if liposuction works out cheaper than a gym membership ?
37. The world says love evil and pay for it and don't care about the sinner
38. Perception of you or from you are no who you are, but can definitely reveal your sin
39. Morning churchgoers are half asleep, evening churchgoers are half awake
40. A Christian's way is to be easy to be loved and to love easily, and do we fail, but its not about us but Christ Jesus

41. Humility also involves being able to receive from another. Both from God and from people. Yet it is more blessed to give than to receive.
42. Deep Love requires conflict and resolution at a cost. We cannot understand the magnitude of God's love, without first rejecting Him and turning back to Him.
43. God has no problem with homolove, His problem is homosex in scripture. He says we need to love others as ourselves, even as He has loved us.
44. God has a problem with people acting and "thinking" they are the opposite sex, including cross dressing. He doesn't want us to be gender confused, as much as is practically possible.
45. Souls are sexless, bodies are sexual, minds are orientating,
46. Many people confuse love with sex, many confuse freedom with desire, God and things
47. If violence didn't exist, the word peace would never have been invented
48. Aroma draws the body and especially the tongue
49. The enemy of love is division, those who reduce division are loving
50. If the opposite of love is indifference, the opposite of hate is to care


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