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Alfs Infamous but Porbably True Quotes 10

written by: alf hickey

1. Who is self absorbed ? The person who meets real needs simply, when they come across them and serves people in secret, or rebukes clear sin publicly, risking their reputation for the cause of truth ? Or the person, who people pleases for their own glory, in their safe self and other reinforced comfort zone, with proud programs of weak vision and aims, accepting their glory, as God's providential election of them as some personal right, while suppressing anyone who might steal their glory ? For example by calling them self absorbed : )
2. A world view, can be seen as how someone sees the world. The limits of their frame and where it is pointed. The reasons for their mindset and what their frame is looking for too.
3. Porn teaches people to be chronically unfaithful, to serve their eye-gonad connection like waves when they surf. The addiction is not about the porn, its about slavery to the connection.
4. Porn and masturbation is a boy's box of chocolates, its a different sort of chocolate, with a "similar" high at the end.

5. Everything a person communicates involves stereotyping, its the semantic nature of language. Everything is reduced to a box or label- why we have names for example. It is an oversimplification of reality, sometimes to reinforce a prejudice, or to make something easier to understand. When we talk about groups, there is the in group or the out group, in churches one form is leaders and lackies. Unfortunately some groups reinforce stereotypes as a show of strength in numbers by category. It is the semantic associations that make a stereotype negative or positive. For example, what is the stereotype of a Christian or a poor person ? By redefining or relabelling a category or label, a stereotype can often be broken. For example instead of the noun Christian, one can make one's label active, such as "Jesus follower," this can give a group more control over their "label." A more honest labe, might be "Jesus Thankers," or even "Sinners Anonymous" as someone suggested today. I'm thinking of changing my faith to that from Jesusian : )

6. By altering the semantic associations of a category, both the stereotype can be broken or at least be re-contextualised. By changing a person's conceptual apparatus, stereotypes can be altered or ignored too. There are true and false stereotypes.
7. To set something in stone, especially the stone of the mind, is a misnomer. Things change, people are plastic and so are you. We can set things, in legal concrete, where fear or external permanence decide one's way. Jesus is a better rock though a foundation that is forever and is love incarnate, eternal love for those who love Him, personally involved and committed to you.
8. Perfect love requires two.
9. Physicality can offer true stereotypes, a short person finds it hard to reach the top shelf at a supermarket, especially if the size smalls are up the top (it happens commonly by the way). Where stereotyping can become wrong, is when it adds a false or decontextualised value judgment to a given label. While physical traits can reveal things about people, there should be nothing right or wrong about these traits. Unless the person has body parts surgically implanted which they have acquired by force or other unethical means : )
10. You can always tell someone who is: accused falsely, ostracised, misrepresented, alienated, prejudiced against, a victim or condemned. They are very defensive, feel cornered, are on the back foot, they tell their story and highlight the truth. Woe to the person who causes this stuff. God hates unjust scales, He is a champion for the weak, the poor underdog. He hates a lying tongue and hands that kill innocent people.

11. Better than semantic association is curiosity. Instilling enough vagary, to make people want to investigate or look at something. This is part of "play theory." Its the same idea, you hear when your parents tell you to have mystique. This is attractive to many, but can sometimes reveal a very manipulative person. If it leaves you with a question this can be good, drawing a person in. Yet the trade off might be good clear communication. Sometimes we mystify things that should be openly straight down the line.
12. All sexual sin, in sense comes from being greedy. Its like saying God's allocation for me is not good enough. "I want more it says." Maybe we should call sexual immorality Oliverism.
13. Science sees a phenomena and provides an ethereal explanation for it. Its the same as "I am here" (phenomena), SO "yes God created me" (explanation for phenomena)-- What's the difference then between science and religion ? : )) Science is just trying to make out its priestly garments (white lab coats) are superior to Christians who are clothed in the blood of Christ. Maybe we should spatter their lab coats as a message !
14. I'm wondering if their should be a New Theism. Why are the New Atheists bagging out someone they don't know ? That's just ignorance and lacks reason.

15. Someone's passion is evident in the the amount of loving care they place into something. If they get objective, detached or withdrawn or even debate coldly, it may show that they are not passionate about the thing or issue, they do not love it.
16. The buttons on your mobile phone, symbolise the pimples you will get, when you rub bacteria into your face with your phone, talking to your friends.
17. If you don't believe in learning from the past, the bible might have no point to you.
18. If you don't believe the bible is inspired by God, then its probably a postmodern history book for you.
19. A Christian who says you have a problem with authority. These usually fancy themselves as some superior authority. They probably need to get saved, because these clearly do not get the servant nature of Jesus Christ and do not get what it meant for Him to be under authority as authority- a cross. How could they know Him ? This is probably the prime problem with the church and one that sees us reject our God daily. Most leaders are false authorities with false responsibilty because of this. Blind leaders of the blind. Why Jesus totally ripped into the Pharisees in their supposed authority. Jesus doesn't mince His words about such, See:
20. You don't want to come with me to church might mean, you think that your a better heathen than me.

21. Atheists claim that there is no God, but to do this they have to acknowledge and believe in the concept of God. Their belief is contradictory.
22. No concept is truly invented, reality is derived and experienced, the invention is the unique now
23. Science is still limited by conception and this is the realm of a mind we do not understand. If we believe Heisenberg, we can never know for sure, the evolution of science as truth can't be. That means we are always living in a blinded faith. Fact as foundation might be mythical then, more like the Hindu idea of Maya. But then what and why do we see ?
24. Science cannot be truth or a foundation of fact, because it itself is refreshed with the new frequently- it never really knows. The Bible predicts this. It states that there are things so small we will never see them. Maybe below the most fundamental of fundamental particles we can locate, enlarge and perceive.
25. People generally follow what is cool socially, this is how intelligent and reasoning we are.

26. Grace rolls down hill.
27. Hypocrisy is the judger of the law. God does something and expects us to act with His attitude that He shows towards us, we should treat others the way we expect to be treated. God judges us with the same standard we judge others.
28. To alienate some who likes their personal space, is different, introverted or likes to be unique or even solitary, start a community. Wheras Henri Nouwen says 'community is the place where the person you least want to live with always lives'.
29. Would liposuction fat be able to power cars like it makes good soap ?
30. Its easy to pick a person who doesn't forgive. They are usually proud in position, using the bible as some means to prop up themselves as a better person than others. This is seen in their legalistic ideas or alternatively their highly liberal ones to please people. Their Spirit of unforgiveness is clear when they make it institutionally impossible for a person to thrive using their "authority." This might be called institutional unforgiveness or "anti-Zacheusism !"

31. To understand encouragement you have to understand criticism. The two codepend. Encouragement is always in light of discouragement. There is also false encouragement, when the encouragement is not truthful and false discouragement, when something negative is perceived, when not intended or something falsely put down.
32. Negativity or encouragement has little to do with who does what
33. People in Australia think that expressing their emotions is insanity. This might be chauvenism.
34. If a guy does something for a girl to get her into bed, this is not chivalry
35. The bible has more categories of sex or "genderization" than male and female, there is also eunuch and sexless
36. Election of anyone is definitely conditional, God will not forgive us, if we don't forgive others. Get salvation right ! Judgment is based on hypocrisy. God judges one, with the same standard they judge others. He expects those who take His grace to give grace the same.
37. I am realising our society suffers from Jesus and Church phobia.
38. If the world thinks that Christians are judgmental, incompassionate and self-righteous, then they'll feel right at home in a church. The accusation reveals that they are all these things. But this is not true of Christians. Christians get their righteousness from God, they try to be compassionate towards God the most important compassion. Judgmental ? Well the world should be more judgmental. If it really used its faculty of judgment, it would see the hypocrisy in this accusation of the church.
39. Money materialism is similar to philosophical materialism, one reduces everything to dollars including you, the other reduces everything to matter including you.

40. Some people are driven by their insecurity and need for esteem and pride. This is clear: Relationships will become tense when you share or encroach "their" podium. This is even true for their partners.
41. Was talking to a friend today, told him, you're not the pope, he said, I wish I was. I said why don't you apply for the position, he said, "I'm not Catholic." He told me an artist once said, "They'll tell you it'll be alright, but I don't know what alright even means." He also said, "God has a plan, but none of us knows what it is." No one wants to be meek, poor in Spirit or at the bottom, because it feels shit. Its not the way the world is set up, you get screwed over by everyone, even Christians. If you imagine you're the least of the least, you'll go insane. Its a spiritual wasteland, people aren't brought up to think deeply. They're not brought up to be superficial, they're not encouraged to think about what might be happening. They're not talk to think anymore. They're taught its childish, but its actually more child-like. They say that's sweet but would never do it themselves, because they think its childish to be like that. They're told they have to be adults. He had an interesting prophecy, that will happen in the next six months and 2011, but wouldn't disclose it. He said we live in the age of vanity. "The age of vanity has to end for the age of love to come." I wondered after hearing his visions if he might be, a modern day Ezekiel or John of Patmos ? Why not ? He hasn't been told to reveal them though, so he doesn't, he is skeptical of his visions himself. I think he interfaced closely with God for a while.
42. Should you engage society as an Xian ? No you should already be in and a part of society !
43. Socially inappropriate is not an action it is a motive. If pride, hate or exclusion is the claim, this person is socially inappropriate in this world and the next. Look at the people society raises and why, you will realise that people think they are God's gift and hang around those who think or seem to be God's gift. A person who accepts this glory is a joker and someone who promotes this glory is a clown. And yes the world they create is a circus, where evil is funny.
44. People think words express who you are. Words today have lost so much of their meaning, to get a coherent message out without it sounding like tripe is rather difficult. Good luck to the person trying to elucidate personality from words. Its silence that elucidates personality when words should be spoken. This even about the evil in the environment and true injustice.
45. Knowledge (Science ?) Puffs up love builds up. Maybe also why bible college and ministry don't gel.
46. When Christians sin, they are heathens. Sin is not acknowledging God. Essentially giving God the finger.
47. Its easy to pick a real minister vs a false one. One tries to go through hoops, makes a big deal of their "calling," needs to do lots of things to get there. The real minister just does the work of the Lord, without the crap. The sad thing is the false minister kicks the real minister in the head and gets and is supported in this evil work. Apollos vs Paul Syndrome. I pray God raises the lowly, to not just confound but outshine the wise, because their love and power comes not from people, but from God. This should be true of any believer.
48. If a person does evil to you and is unrepentant, even manipulating those around you and playing as if they have some superior right to put you down, or network against you. Just tell em they're not a Christian. Surely a believer doesn't act like that. What happens when they're a leader. Tell em quicker. Better for their soul to fix an issue. the manipulative liar though will tell people, "you can't say that, what right do you have ?" Just tell em the bible is clear, read it more.
49. There is black and white, grace is no cave for the devil ! Especially the grey devil.
50. If there is a right way to be, are we supposed to tell and discern others and self with this. Is this what law is, what the bible is, what God's reality as revealed in ink and heart is ?


Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 6:49PM

I don't mean to sound ignorant/arrogant, but who is this "Alf"?

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