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The Age to Stay

written by: vinitasingh03

As the young lady with dark brown eyes, long curly hair, with sides clipped on the back wearing her evening dress with silver diamond beads sparkling on her cream colored long skirt and pink top looked across the room. She saw a younger girl with a cream top and a pink long skirt. The same silver diamon beads sparkled from her pink blouse, with the same dress just opposite colors from the blouse and top. Exactly offosite of what the lady with dark brown eyes was wearing.
As she looked around the whole room she saw everyone sitting on the chairs across with their evening dresses on. Then she noticed the little four year olds running around. Her eyes then went across the other side of the room and she noticed three teenagers sitting on the side. She remembered herself with her two younger siblings when she went out talking and dancing like that when she was younger. After some time she noticed younger girls around twelve. She began to wonder what she looked like and felt she was probably thin with the long hair like the girl across. She was probably innocent like that also. Now it just hit her. She couldn't be that age again. The age with innocence. The age with curiousity by running and playing freely.
Now she was a certain age. An age she suddenly wanted to stay. An age she started noticing herself. An age in which she wanted to do many things. Her innocence had become a dream of reality. A dream she wanted to live. She started writing more. She started reading more romance novels, or poems. She wanted to draw paintings and saw them in depth and details with the colors. She wanted to shop and buy things she loved and she did. She would buy a brown vintage style dress or a black sleeveless dress. She would watch movies she loved. She would also really enjoy doing hip hop dance or zumba. She realized the year was almost over. This age wouldn't be back. All the hairs would turn frizzy and a little of gray was noticeable. The wrinkles in her eyes started showing a little. She could feel something called life. The dark nights coming and the warm summers passing with winter back again. She noticed that evening clearly that this was an age she would complete. It suddenly dawned on her that never again could she be twelve or eighteen again. As she saw the four year old children running she thought her daughter having the same innocence, the same way of running around freely. She wondered what her daughter would look like when she was a teenager. Now as the young lady was getting older and not twenty anymore, but still young it occurred to her that she should still live life with innocence and curiousity.

Oct. 18, 2009
Vinita Singh


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