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a vision of hope

written by: curlypinky

She was told five years ago that her life would be hard for a while and that something great was going to happen in the future. She would get everything she wanted eventually and be very happy. Her family went to a psychic and she was told just that,she asked what was going to happen but no one would tell her. They didn't want to tell her to give her hope they felt the future should be a suprise. She thought on and off for a year what it might be and also reflected back on her life. she thought about all the things she wanted to do but was afriad or just put off. things where rough for her for a while. She became sad everyday at the way life was in her life it always seemed to rain. One night she had a wonderful dream the greatest dream she ever had. she was talking to a stranger and had the most wonderful conversation with him about life and things. With him she felt in the dream like she had everything. When morning came the man disapeared and she just wished he was real. She thought about that dream on and off for a year. One day she grew tired of being sad and always feeling sorry for herself. She thought back to what her family had told her and decided that she was going to do all the things she wanted to do. She went down the list of things she wanted to do and gained confindence and happiness. she transformed herself into what she really wanted to be without fear. At the same time she learned alot and felt true happiness in herself. One day she sat down and just started writing about her journey. When she was young she always wanted to write something but could never think of anything to write about. She decided just to write about her life and all her expierences. she ended up writing many stories shared them with family and friends. her family and friends enjoyed what she wrote. She became very confident and was the happiest she ever felt. One day she met the man she dreamed about and that man became her husband.


Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 5:39PM

This is nice work. You can read mine. The Age to Stay.

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