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Answers to Give Them

written by: Matthew

The light turns yellow, but the man quickly shuffles across the street anyways. A trail of fluid slowly trickles down his side. It reminds him of the stream back home. Energy starts to drain out of him. He looks ahead, hoping to see some sign of life. But no one is there. He stops in the middle of the street. The store across the street seems to be telling him something. The Closet O' Cliffe appears to have one too many letters burned out. Its bright red letters speaking "lose life" surprises the man.

It's coming true, I must tell them before….

Footsteps are heard in the alley behind him. The man looks for a weapon, something to protect himself. He spots a loose brick on the store wall. He rushes to reach it in time. The footsteps get louder; he now rushes to reach the yellow curb. He trips and falls. A surge a pain rushes over him. His foot caught in a sewage drain now points towards the footsteps. He screams. A shadow from the alley appears. It now rushes towards its prey. He frantically searches his pocket for it.

He realizes that he is now next to a drain.

The drain, that's the best place for it now.

The attacker slowly strolls to the cross walk. Its hair is as bright as a gold brick. Its almond shaped eyes are as brown as mud. Its neck is muscular, resting on large, distinct shoulders. The man relaxes. The dog quickly crosses the street to his master.

The dog accepts the pats and hugs. The master takes the sacred item from his pocket, and quickly chains it to the dog's collar in one fluid motion. To any other person, it would have looked like he gave the dog a teat. Then it quickly runs off as he whispers something in its ear.

"If only I had a few answers to give them."

The man hears footsteps behind him. But before he can turn a round, the stranger says,

"How do you like this answer…father?"

The man falls towards the street, dead. Now two streams are flowing from him; one from his side, and the other from the wounds on his back. The stranger laughs, drops his weapon, then steps back into the shadows.


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