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written by: Electra

He was staring a the computer screen, his fingers hovering above the keyboard as if waiting for his command to start typing away.
He sat like that for a couple of more minutes till he started to feel stupid. What on earth had pulled him out of bed, at 2 am no less, to stare at an empty Microsoft Document titled 'A STORY'?
He closed the document, scoffing when a message popped on the screen asking him if he wished to save the changes. 'What changes?' he asked himself.
He crawled back into bed and readied himself to fall back into the deep slumber he had woken from before. Sometime passed before he realized he was still awake. Why? His mind was completely blank so what was preoccupying him enough to rob him of sleep?
Then it hit him! It was like a speeding truck, he had a split second before it hit him and literally took his breath away!
He was back at his computer, typing away furiously, this time with the title ' MY STORY'. But he knew that if this was his story then this was how people would view him as and remember him by. So it was up to him as to how he wanted him to be remembered as. Now most people would want to be remembered as successful or famous or even love-starved individuals persecuted by society for being different but he had another idea. If this was how he was going to be remembered then he was going to be remembered as a beacon of hope.He had no idea why this was so important but it seemed so. He was going to remembered as one of the few people who chose to be 'happy' with their lives despite what life threw at them!


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