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Alf's Infamous But Probably True Quotes 13

written by: alf hickey

1. I'm so efficient, I don't do anything at all
2. Maccas saved my marriage (no I'm not, nor ever have been married)
3. I don't throw a spanner in the works, I throw a paradigm shifter
4. An Industrial Designer likes playing responsibly with reality
5. Conflict controversy and conspiracy are normative in Australia. This is because it is the legally normal paradigm operating in society. We live in an adversarial system of bi and multi-partisan argument. Competition is normative, why in legal cases we have "vs" in proceedings. Conspiracy is also normative, because despite argument, some parties are suppressed unfairly and given less voice than others, by covert malicious manipulation

6. Dump the ETS, get natural, go to bed when the sun goes down
7. Steph says: Democracy is in the eye of the beholder. Its all about money and power and furthering those who already have it. Its why things are changing and people are waking up to it. Society is in for a crash and overhaul very soon.
8. If a person is a true servant, they are worthy of honor, they are also a leader, whether with office or not. Position is not leadership !
9. Everyone needs people, its when some people think they are needed more than others when the problems occur, these people are leaders or managers
10. Is the immaterial world of the Internet more powerful than the physical world of politics ? Has authority become immaterial for humans ?

11. Luke says: If the eastern suburbs are the bible belt of Melbourne, the CBD is its bible jockstrap
12. In a world of networks, in injustice from parties, there is only kill or be killed. This is the wonderful world we're creating and it could lead to apocalypse.
13. Fight the oppressors, please God till they repent and reverse their sin against my life and livelihood. I have stood for you always Lord, even when I was angry with you. Please fight for me against these principals, church, government, whoever is responsible for this evil against me. One cannot back down, when there is no escape from a situation in a global system.
14. Even the martyrs in the new testament as late as revelation, cry out for God to avenge their blood ! "Imprecatory psalms," are not just for the Old Testament, they are very now ! It would be impossible to understand hell or God's absolute hatred of sin without some sense of the consequences for it.
GOD HATES ! His hates are outlined clearly in scripture: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that kill innocent people !
GOD HATES ! The lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life !
15. I mean this is the purpose also of a social network, not some happy joy blaise pratt fest of disconnected, out of touch electronic bogans wearing their moccassins of perpetual wank.

16. "Love seeks not its own, is not puffed up." Simply put its impossible for someone enslaved by the sin of another person to be puffed up
17."Men" includes 'female' there. In Xianity we use gender non-specific language like man and men, to denote the species, not the sex of a person !
18. The fabric of reality is truth, the activity of truth is reform by integrity.
19. Platonism + Aristotlean = Alfian
20. I'm not idealistic about who you really are

21. I'm so not idealistic anymore
22. The reason people close their eyes when they kiss is so they don't go cross eyed
23. Maturity can mean how old you are, or how old you act. I don't want to act like a fossil, be that a try hard rebel who regurgitates something old, in postmodern appropriation. Jesus said to have the innocence of a child.
24. I don't want to act my age, why be young and old at all ?
25. Dogmatism is ok because a dog is man's best friend

26. Sorry, a dog is man's second best friend
27. Indifference is accepting duality as positive, integrity is to improve, despite duality.
28. To truly improve, means being critical of what is there.
29. Shopping is only stressful if you are not in a 1960's Communist Country
30. Artifice and Spirituality control the action and rational fear of ourselves

31. Life is complex, that is why complexity is required to understand life
32. Ockham's razor is too complex for my liking, even self referentiality is simpler than that
33. Science requires more superstition than Christianity
34. A Christian has OCD for the truth, which = Jesus.
35. Break me, this I value. Kill me this is eternal life, torture me, I'm immuned to it, call me defensive (have no dignity to defend). The bible says: "a bruised reed He will not break."

36. Mr.Wise Society say: Its evil to be a man, but you're allowed to be a chauvenist as long as you're a woman.
37. A Godly person interferes to create unity and celebrate innocent love, the evil wolf creates doubt and divides for their control.
38. In a world of illegality, that promotes illegality, there is no illegality, or egality.
39. Dignity is for dodos, when dignity is by dodos wearing penguin suits.
40. Maybe if we keep shaking the world, we will expose things and be able to fix things.

41. If the current church and positive thinking people including Jenny and Kitty think these things are interesting. They're not. The only divisions between Christians are those who put up barriers and boundaries to love and reinforce this. Positive thinking is such a cult. It just aint biblical.

While we look into a mirror darkly, Jesus comes to bring fire, peace through fire and division from the the false ideas that enslave, peace by dividing with His Word. We need to erase these weak views of Jesus and church, that have only brought us to being an atheist nation.

No there are three, not even China: Australia, North Korea and Albania. The world's three atheist nations. That's right. We've been playing positive politics and all this dodo stuff in out network and cliques for too long. Its time to divide and destroy the boundaries of those still caught up in the pride, position and bean counting that takes away the image of God in churches.

You idol worshippers, proclaiming institutions over the Lord. Repent !

You idol worshippers proclaiming false gospels of happy happy joy, when you're supposed to be empathising with God, the man of sorrows and bringing joy to His heart which reciprocates.

Get Real Australia !! Kitty, Jenny all the joker Christians.

Its the time to dare to be original, not appropriate or culturally smug or superior. It's the time to fight the little fire with the oxygen of God's Spirit to inflame the whole place. God is no feminine Wuss, though today you'd have to say he rages with the Chauvenism of an Angry woman, as our males have become so gentle and weak, little hairless pussycats. Not the hairy violent, powerful, yet sensitive passionate Lion of Judah, I'm not saying Jesus was the Bear Jew.

This positive thinking cult needs to be thrown to hell where it belongs. All these wussy little positive comments that deny the reality of whats happening, who we are and the strong, dangerous, violent and aggressive spiritual forces that dominate- including those angels that people see in Australia.

Those warrior beings of our God. We have the armaments of heaven. The sword of the Spirit. Fight you posers FIGHT FIGHT WAR, JESUS the Lion of Judah !!!

Stop sitting with your crochet and start dancing violently, naked, unashamed, transparent unmasked from the lies like David with the fire and power of God. Start living you posers. That includes me.

Call me a madman- to be Xian you are mad, you have to mad, barking mad. But also right, true, adopted and loved and loving with fire and violent love. you are real, more real than anyone . That violent love of God, that cuts through sinew and marrow, the Word of God.
42. God rages to protect the sheep, not the false shepherd
43. Women can multitask, does that mean they have multiple personalities ? Probably.
44. Men compensate for their chromosomal differentiation (wank) by having two brains
45. Mr.G say: we live in a society not an economy, but the economy makes society live in an economy. Look at America, that will be Sydney in 3 years, Melbourne in 5.

46. This troubles my Indian arranged marriage sensibility gene
47. Christians need to stop their proud posing. The sin isn't small. The sin is big.

When a person responds in any way, because of attacks (including mine) this should be validated, because people treat them, wrong is a great evil. When protesting an injustice, speaks out they will act uncharacteristically, Du think Jesus was sinning when He got violent in the temple, beating people ? Or when he swore at people with vulgarities calling them dogs and "Sons of Satan ?"

Anyone who knew me prior to VIT knows swearing is not my way. It is the only way of creating such a contrast to who I am, that I can express how wrong something is.

I used to bag people at Woodstock for swearing, and correct them- family trait. But when a teacher treated me really badly- bullying in fact I swore at her to make a point.

This is normal human behavior. What is happening in society, is we have made it wrong to protest or fight an issue. We have made it wrong to preach a point or argue a case. This is a tactic of the bean counters, to oppress us all. Also an ethical person is now socially a weirdo and an idealistic person a psycho !



When we speak about being lights, we need to stop the idea that Xians are perfect and better people. Its become a bizarre contradiction in contemporary times. Law, rules and responsibility OF US is not the light nor the message.

The message is and always has been, Jesus, grace, repentance from our giving God the finger. Sure we become better people. We forgive, exhort.
48. Sometimes people try to put you in the prison of their perception. Its easy to tell what is a prison and what is life. One makes laws and rules that oppress you, the other liberates to full life, life in Christ. One glorifies human institution which puffs up their pride and the pride of others, the other

49. Christians are total nutters, you have to be a nutter to be sane in God today. Any person with ethics is a weirdo. Only one with idealism is a psycho. Fortunately we have a God who fights for us. Dr.Of ETERNAL TRUTH & FREEDOM.

50. People who think perceptions of another defines them, even in a historical pattern, believe that until they hear the contemporary and historical criticisms against themselves, then they change their views. This is about to happen to quite a few friends of mine.


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