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A little bit of Confidance with alot of Talent..

written by: vinitasingh03

A year had passed when a young girl earlier was judged by many.
Till one day she was talking to the lady near her house. The lady told her you are stunning looking. The young girl replied back I never really heard that before. But the young lady told her What really matters is not that your stunning but confidance. Many women are very average looking, but they have a lot of confidance. The way they present themselves their voice. The way they stand tall and straight. The young girl remembered this in her mind. Then she went to a place and showed her resume. As the director looked at her resume. She was told your overqualified. The young girl went and started working. After a week she was told she would be put infront to do the work on her own. But that afternoon, the young girl was told, your resume looks great but you need more confidance. The young girl kept this in mind again. She sat home, and would be writing in front of the computer, when she got feedback, Its good, its nice. Keep writing. The girl suddenly realized she had written many poems and prose. Still she searched deeper in herself. And one day a friend told her after reading her work, you have so much talent, but poetry is for Shakespeare time. Why don't you send your work, Why don't you teach dance, you like that. Then the girl went and auditioned. She was told that it was from the heart. She would go and dance and learn zumba and hip hop and she loved it. The different poses of hands, the turns. The jumping with the music and moving with the rhythm all made her feel good. She could feel her spirit lifted, her voice high, her workout give her lots of energy. Then she went in on the spot, she wanted to work and she got the job. As she went in. People would look up to her and ask her for her opinion. Even though she was watched by so many managers. She started hearing good job. It looks great. As she went in with her uniform she felt great just the way she looked. The young girl had taken the words of others into action and had built a little bit of confidance in herself. Now she would sit and think what is it, I can really do. Am I a writer, Am I a dancer, Could I just go to work somewhere. She thought she could try to do two of the things. The young girl realized, with others words and feedback, that she had gained a little bit of confidance and had a lot of Talent. She realized the world was so big. One step forward in the right direction could get her a lot of Confidance with her talents.
Jan. 10, 2010
Vinita Singh


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