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Apple i-Pad, disappointed with potential !

written by: alf hickey

Another Fad, or is it Bad ? You remember my article a while ago, "Skinny Mini or into the Binny." Apple has just unveiled its latest attempt at a, "functionally integrated portable device," might change that for the acronym: MID (mobile integrated device), maybe it should be DIM. Apple iPad specs Anyway the machine has potential and many deficits. It seems more of a marketing fad, though going the right way slowly, yes we have waited for an Apple tablet for way too long. I'm not sure if this is what we were waiting for though. Laura DiDio- iPad: the price is right, and so are the functions Apple worshippers, have waited for 5 or more years for this machine, and so far its the rage. Initially it looks like much for your buck. I reckon the hardest decision for Apple would have been the size. There's already a backlash about the price structure of the various versions, based primarily of the size of storage, following the I-Phone or I-Pod pricing strategy. Size Matters ! Since my article, we've seen many attempts to reduce size and increase functions and power. Dell and MSI have attempted to copy the i-Mac screen, while a host of smaller machines like the eePC's have attempted to improve portability through thinner and smaller machines. The i-Pad itself, is an attempt to integrate functions in a computer under the paradigm of maybe, interactive book, being about the size of an opened novel, yet skinnier than any Harry Potter book opened. Its enough to place in your bag and access at the cafe. Its still the chriropractor's dream, ensuring more business from awkward postures in different muscle and bone groups to add to the injuries of the PC. But at least one will spend these injurious hours outside or with a latte with the i-Pad. This is because of size and paradigm. So what is it ? Its basically an interactive multibook/diary, too soon to add an iPhone and too soon to be a serious computer. Sadly its more a marketing ploy than what we want or need, need I say AGAIN ! A camera and phone could have been incorporated easily for the same price, making it a true "all in one." The value of the I-Pad, is its ability to bridge a few gaps. The gap between the chunky desktop, or laptop, phone, e-book and browser. Improving the Amazon Kindle, see: Brad Stone- Three Reasons Why the i-Pad wont kill the Amazon's Kindle yet still not enough, to be taken seriously as a computer in itself for most industries, yet clever enough for many. What I think, is that its a pre-emptive strike on Amazon, Google and Microsoft, with their rising move into hardware, with mobile interactive books and the X-box. A way to beat them into the Apple Territory of "Software and Hardware are one." The internet with our VDU (Video display units) hasn't quite worked just yet. people still like fixed media that is theirs like movies, music and books, yet, devices have failed to bridge this fully. Its also an answer to the personal, "just enough" device for me to do mobile computing. In a way, it forces one to use the internet, because the storage wont allow for endless downloads, forcing storage elsewhere. Maybe why Apple has done that deal with AT&T. So what's missing ? APPMODO- IPad Missing Features It doesn't have a phone or a camera and has minimal storage. Its quite limited, even for the early adopters. So where does it really fit ? Ecofriendly ? While I haven't done a lifecycle analysis of the product, I sense paper is still preferred for reading. Its the tactile qualities of the book; poor trees. I have been complaining about the ridiculous waste of paper in the legal industry recently. Offering a judge a disk, instead of about a 1000 pages handed to them a few months ago. Apple boasts: Greener materials: Arsenic-free, BRF-free, Mercury-free, PVC Free system, recyclable Alf's Rating ? I know from designing my own mini-portable computer, that the machine has great potential, especially at $499 Us for the base model. It is a glorified interactive e-Book with a little more clout and a little less in someways. Peripherals will add to its power and VOIP (Voice over Internet Phone) may enable it to be used as a phone, so potential as a glorified i-Phone. It opens the doors for the next. But the holy grail will be the gamer PC at the same size, and this is almost here. I'm still modding my tablet PC to do more than this stuff. So Steve Jobs, its far from great for me, just a bad i-Phone with a bigger screen without a pen. As for what it achieves: High quality presentation on a budget. To read, share your work, ideas or a cv. its a wonderful diary and entertainment machine, allowing writing or drawing (to be played with). It wont cope with tougher games or tasks. But will suffice for most multimedia options. With an ageing population struggling with the text on Blackberries and i-Phones, it will be easier on the eyes. I reckon not quite there yet, I give it a 4/10. Just a little more than what's there already, but a move in the right direction.


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