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APH Befriending New Powers

written by: alfredamericak

Feliciano: Ludwig Ludwig!
Ludwig: What is it Italy?
Feliciano: Arthur picking on me again.
Ludwig hits palm in his face: Fine. I'll deal with this as usual. Sorry Persia, I have to deal with this. We'll talk about your name later. I still like name Iran.*
*Hitler convinced Persia to change their name to Iran (meaning Arab)
Ludwig leaves
Feliciano smiling: So your Persia?
Persia: Yup. And you're Feliciano, right?
Feliciano: Yup!
Persia: I hear so much about you from Ludwig.
Feliciano: Really?! Me and Germany are friends......
Persia thinking to himself: Ludwig wasn't kidding about him. Does he ever stop talking? It's hard to imagine he's grandson to Rome. Unless, he trying to trick all of us into believing he's weak and cowardly. Then, he strikes when no ones looking. I'm not going to fall for it, not one bit.
Persia ready to hit Feliciano
Ludwig hits Persia
Persia angry: Owww. Why did you hit me?
Ludwig: Because you were going to hit Feliciano!
Persia pointing to Feliciano: Feliciano is trying to trick everyone into thinking he's weak. His grandfather is Rome, so he must he strong.
Persia tries to hit Feliciano again
Ludwig blocks Persia's fist from Feliciano
Persia yelling: Why do you defend this guy? He just tricking you.
Ludwig: Because we're friends. And I care about him. I will never forgive you if you hurt Feliciano.
Feliciano: Ve.
Persia: Fine, but don't come whining to me when Feliciano back stabs you.
Persia leaves
Feliciano: Do you really mean that Ludwig?
Ludwig: Yes, I did and will always care about you. I lu uh..
Feliciano: I love you too.
Ludwig and Feliciano kiss


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