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APH It's Hard To Be Mexico

written by: alfredamericak

Mexico just won it's independence
Maria: Haha! Adios suckers.
Both Antonio and Francis: We'll be back. Mark my words.
Not much later
Antonio, Francis and Arthur: We're back.
They start beating up Maria
Alfred hits Antonio, Francis and Arthur with stick*
*Big Stick Policy
Alfred: If you ever mess with Maria or anyone else in the matter, I will kill you.
Francis: Oh, I see. You want her all to yourself.
Francis holds Maria tight
Alfred growing angrier by the second: Go now!
Francis: Fine. Someday Maria we will be one together.
Francis lets go of Maria
Antonio, Francis and Arthur leave
Alfred walks over to Maria sitting on ground crying
Alfred hugs Maria
Alfred whispers to Maria in her ear while wiping her tears: Don't cry. You won't have to deal with them anymore.
Maria stops crying and smiles
Alfred: You look beautiful when you smile
Alfred goes into kiss Maria
Maria wakes up
Maria: Crap!


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