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APH Time of Great Men

written by: alfredamericak

America: Any new issues or concerns?
France: Asides England
England looking shocked: What?!
France and England start fighting
Canada raises his hand
America not noticing: Anyone?
Canada raising his hand higher
America still not noticing: Guess not
Canada flipping out: I have one!
America pointing to Canada: And you are?
Canada: Come on. You know me since we were little. I'm Canada. God damn it.
America: Oh ok. What is it?
Canada: I think we should have higher standards for all CO2 the world puts out.
Many look concern
Canada continues: We need to stop global warming and we need to reduce our carbon emissions
Japan: I agree
Switzerland: You always agree
America: I won't allow it. I'm already in hot water.
Daydream mode
America carrying load of "stuff"* on his back
Distant voice: America can handle it, but we need to fix blah blah blah
Shadow figure hands more "stuff" to America to carry
Back at scene at UN
France and England still fighting
Germany getting more annoyed by the second and finally yells: Shut up!
France and England now quiet
Germany continues: Go on
Canada: But America, you already didn't sign Kyoto Protocol...America you need it the most-
America interrupts: What about China? They are about past us on CO2 emissions.
China upset: What??!!
England: Come to think of it, America, you don't agree on lot things about helping stop global warming...I remember-
America interrupts: But that would further more cripple my economy.
England: Thats what you get going crazy with your credit card and still are...You're so irresponsible with your money. You wouldn't be in this mess if you were still part of England and you have better education, better health care blah blah blah-
America interrupts: Look who's talking. Your economic is in the toilet as well. At least I have choose in health care-
England interrupts: Yeah, but you have to be rich to afford it. My health care-
France interrupts: I have the best health care. You two's health care sucks-
America and England angrily yell: It's not!!!
France, England and America fighting
Germany puts his head in his hands: Oh God!
Italy: Germany Germany
Italy hugs Germany
Germany surprised: Huh?
China to Russia: Do you want to break up the fight or should I?
Russia: I'll do it
Russia turns towards France, America and England fighting
Room gets dark
Russia talking scary: Stop it now or else
France, America and England stop in their tracks
America finally gets the courage to say something: Anything else to talk about?
Sealand hiding at end of the table and trying to disguise his voice: How about recognizing Sealand as country?
Everyone looks at Sealand
England: Get lost Sealand. I may have given you freedom, but doesn't make you a country.
Sealand: But, you said that about America too, when they beat you in the American Revolution.
England: But that was different.
America Not really
England shocked: What??!!!
America continued: I may have won the revolution, but you keep thinking it was a phase.
England still shocked
America continued: I even had to do another revolution* because you still didn't believe I was a country. So you treated me like I was still your property.
*War of 1812
France: I remember that. How America has changed over the years. So grown up. Unlike England.
England slaps France in the face
England and France start fighting again
Germany signs: Oh God
America ends up thinking of the American Revolution, which he hadn't thought of it in while.
Flashback to Colonial America
America walks over to buy some tea
America stops at shop and picks up a bag
America looks at the price and is shocked at the price
America thinks to himself: This has to be a mistake.
America points it out to England: This must be a mistake
England: It's no mistake. Had to raise the tax to pay for the war*.
*French and Indian War
America: But the war's been over for while now.
America looks in his pocket for money and finds he doesn't have the money for it.
England shoos him away
America goes to get newspaper and sees new tax on it as well
America is depressed
America then goes to get his new chair he ordered
He not shocked on the tax on it as well
America sitting at bar when thought pops into his head: I have idea!
America dress as native dumps all of England's tea into the harbor
America is sleeping at his desk
England comes in all angry
England hits America in the back of the head
America wakes up: Oh England. What brings you here?
England: Don't give me that.
England mocking America: Oh England. What brings you here?
America: Is something wrong.
England: Of course there something wrong. You!
America: Me??!!!
England: Yes, you. Because of you, all my tea is in the harbor.
America little shocked England found out.
England continued: What the bloody hell were you thinking putting on your little act. That cost me bundle for your little "rebellion". Like you soo better when you were younger and not so rebellious.
America upset: I'm done with you bossing me around. I'm not little anymore. I don't need you. I wish you drop dead England.
England upset and almost grabbing America and strangling him: Why you....!!!
England got idea
England: I thinking it's time I come stay with you for while. Since you clearly crying out for attention. If you wanted attention, you could of asked for it, instead of acting so childish. Don't worry this rebellious phase will end soon.
America: But-
England interupts: It's settled. I'm coming to stay with you, until this rebellious phase is over. Just got to get my things.
America is left there upset

to be continued


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