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written by: Chrome

aventures of vitamin B1

le good, a french mystery of jealousy and reception.

a guid hotel manager have make some noise all night
so he fall asleep under desk in morning and then

you know

the other stuff.


"guid" isn't a word. Other spelling flaws should be obvious to a schooled english reader.

"The other stuff" is a sentence fragment.

Capitalization was missing, as well as punctuation.

The title should have been underlined.

Yet despite all of these grievous typographical inaccuracies, this short story is compelling and dramatic, bringing the reader to a state of full and total illumination, though possibly not.


coincidences are invariably stupid.

Firma-16, the ship that would take him away from this shit place with all the hating people. they didn't know why they hated. they didn't know what they wanted. they were zombies, zombies everywhere. once he dated a woman somewhat like himself, and he became one too.

their vacant eyes and lifesucking presence was tangible, as well as measurable by electrostatic machines.

it set off alarms in libraries and airports. he resented them. he resented himself. he loved himself.


there were complications, going back, complications to make people feel worthless that had no grounding in reality or material availability. a slight reshuffle here, a challenge for ostensibly "smarter" there, but mostly finding something novel. pathfinders, hunters, collectors. scavengers, possibly buzzards or owls.

heat retention is key.

thymine? TAT - tyrosine, in cheese for instance.

but magnets to hold in iron, which holds in heat, must compete with external magnets- so electricity and gravity are both additional factors, as well as the various other dietary metals.


electricity and histamine

interaction of these energy types and elements.


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