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If Only You Could Clock-Out of Life

written by: T.W.N.D

Clock-in and get ready.
Paid by the hour.
Work so the boss notices,
You don't want to be canned.
Put your best foot forward.

Smile, greet, wave good-bye.
Hours on end it seems like it never ends.
Customers that give headaches,
Others that you love.
It's all the same every time you,

Break now.
Eat up, pull out your phone,
Stay connected to others.
Sit and rest you're almost done.
Time to go back in.

Smile, greet, wave good-bye.
Check over papers,
And watch your fellow workers.
Times fading slowly, but
Hold on you're almost there.

Bell goes off.
You're done.
Clock-out and go home.
Rest up for another days,


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