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My Life, My Love, My Everything

written by: Sweet Insanity

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Always tired, exhausted, drained...

So in love am I. My heart could explode, just burst right out of my chest. I feel it fill with warmth and love for him, my eternal, my life, my soul. He is my one and only. And yet it's so hard to fight these stupid frustrating obstacles. I feel like I am abandoning him at every turn. Letting him down. Never being enough. I know what he is to me and I want nothing less than to be that for him. He is my life, my love, my everything. He makes me whole and fills me with such joy and such a sense of belonging, of unity. I am a part of something epic. The thing that stories are made of and wars fought over. I fight everyday to be the best that I can for myself and for him. I need to be the best for him. And yet everyday I feel myself falling further and further away from the person I demand that I be. I want to be the perfect wife, or if not perfect, as close to perfection as humanly possible. He is the perfect husband and then some. I want nothing more than to be what he is to me. My life, my love, my everything. I want to be someone he can depend on. I want to give him less to worry about at the end of the day, not add to his troubles. I want to be able to take the stresses of the day from him and give him the break he deserves. I will keep fighting to be the best that I can, keep fighting to give him what I need to give. Because I want to be what he is to me. My life, my love, my everything.


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