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That moment...

written by: Tearful Angel

Strange is that feeling you get when you think you know exactly what you want and what you convinced yourself you need.
In your head it all makes sense .In that false reality of your mind, which is a world where things might workout but that world only exists when you close your eyes.

When you open them, this sudden calm of sadness over came you because when you look at the reality of the situation, you realise all you want, you still have to go out and get.
But that's not the problem...

no, the problem is that moment in the realty of things where by some stroke of luck you are standing in front of your desire only to realise that you can't move, you can't speak, you just stand there watching the moment fade. Because in the reality of things the fear of going out there and possibly failing, hurts more than the joy of receiving what you want and deserve.

It's not that you didn't want it any more. It's that you truly wanted it, up until the moment you stood right in front of it, look right at, and "it" never stared back. Then you relies that it has the potential not to love you back. And that alone will break you.
So then you just turn away and run...


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