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Missings of the Past

written by: drivenbyadream

I've been thinking about what I miss most about my childhood. It doesn't take long to decide the first thing I miss most is my innocence. I miss the depth of imagination and creativity my mind conceived. I miss the simple faith and trust I had in this world. I miss believing that anything was possible and that no dream in this world was unachievable. I miss when there was no such thing as worries or doubts or fears to keep me from knowing my greatest potential. I miss when I could see the sun and let its glory fill my heart with joy. I miss the completely effortless laughter. I miss the surprise and pure delight found in new adventures. I miss the hope I had, the hope that fuelled my belief that this world was the best place to exist. I miss it all and in my distant faded memories of long ago, I pray that the colour of my childhood grows back in every sense.


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