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written by: T.W.N.D

These four walls surrounded by other sets of four walls,
Which ultimately is encased by a set of four walls.
One kitchen, a bathroom, and a set of stairs,
That lead only downward, no matter how hard you try to climb up.
Mirrors on the walls so you can see the light,
Yet the lights fade to dim no matter how hard they shine,
And clocks everywhere so you always know the time.
This stage has many actors and subsequently too many props.
They pick em up and move around,
Changing the scenery but the underlying ideas are always the same.
Stuck in rooms that seem calm, but bars all around that hide the hope,
And no one ever sees the truth.
This cast moves around and performs on their special stage,
Having costume changes and even picking up new props to fulfill each day.
Cohabiting, they've become a family.
Living around the stage, making new lines for the next show
And when it opens they perform like the best,
On their custom stage.
Four walls surrounded by four walls encased in four walls.


Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 12:14PM

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players."
Couldn't help but think of that play while reading this.

Although possibly not intentional, I like how the word "set" in the beginning can be read as an acronym for the modern TV stage, nicely setting up (pardon the pun) the later stages of this piece.

The modified repetition of the opening as the last line brings this full circle (full square?) and adds greatly to the effect of the piece itself being enclosed.

Fantastic execution, well done!

Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 9:16PM

Thank you very much! I'm glad you picked up on the little things.

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