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Generation XYZ

written by: T.W.N.D

I've been told I am from a generation that abhors waiting.
A group that is impatient and quick to quit if it takes too long,
As if seconds are minutes and minutes seem like hours to us.
That we take the quick and easy road, opting out of hard work,
Adandoning the "traditional" jobs that our elders flocked towards.
We are a generation that lacks proper communication skills,
And needs to greatly improve our manners.
Surrounded by technology and focusing on the newest "toys"
My generation avoids social encounters interacting with the virtual world instead.
A generation that is ultimately trying to grow up too quickly.

But how can you blame us
And scrutinize my generation when you're the ones
Telling us to grow up?
Forcing us to trade in our games for work.
And the technology we have now, was it not created by your generation?
Are we not but following in your footsteps trying to create
The next biggest thing?
If we lack communication skills, I don't see how we're at fault.
As your children you were the adults that allowed such business.
You have raised us, fostered our habits, shown us life,
So don't talk down about my generation.


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