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the chore of writing

written by: Tearful Angel

How does one begin a story when all one has is ideas and a blank peice of paper? Even more how do you begin to write a story that is filled with your own truth. It feels like the moment you pick up a pen all the words get lost and the letters jumble.
i tried to write a story about how i feel, my heart my soul, love lost love found, but all the words have left and silence fills my mind as my pen taps the sound of a hollow lullaby on the desk.
So, defeated by the chorus of my pen , I pack up my things as i shield the paper from the ink of the black pen that betrayed me, as i leave behind the idea of writing any grand noval or proses. And at the back of my mind hope such and idea never again haunts me.

But such a thought would be one of wishful thinking. As when the night drowsly falls apon me and i attempt to give in to the wave of sleep my body tell me i need, just as i close my eyes the words of that story i so passionetly wanted to write comes flooding my mind. Vived pictures of the life i should have recorded on clean crisp sheets of white.

o but to pick up a pen at this moment would be such a chore , when the words will dissapear and i'll be left missing the begining of my story.


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