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Some thoughts to dismiss

written by: Tearful Angel

All great life revelations start with fancy metaphors and beautiful imagery. And when you start reading them, right from the first word, this over whelming emotions surrounding hope and positive energy grows on you. It grows like wildfire effecting every bone in you body . Changing every thought in to something strong beautiful and happy. Just when you think you understood life and all its mystery's , this beautiful revelation then hits its climax with a pitch slap of an Aha moment that you never thought was possible. Then when its over you walk away feeling awesome, feeling inspiration and go about some sort of life changing moments that lasts at the most a month. And them some months later you will remember it as that " great month of may" or June or whatever.and you will convince yourself that you where never as happy and as focused or as successful as you felt those few days.
If a revelation is what you where expecting from these written words then you best look else where. Look to places where fairytale are written or in "holy" scripture. In fact search every piece of literature whether fiction or non fiction , that has some over confident belief that they can miracles change your life . Either because they know the secret or they where written by an almighty hand.
But no, you wont find it here. Not on the pages I write , wrote or will one day write. Nor in the words that fill this very page. I do not pride myself in life changing literature and the sale of unrealistic dreams . Neither do I plan to test your thought process by making you feel that your whole life is shame and you need to read me because know the secret to life and ill open your mind.
No joy can come from words that are written control you and manipulate your thoughts. That's not why I write. Or why I wrote this. Truth be told I don't know why I wrote this. I just did. coz I can. cause I think . Because mind is constantly tying itself in a not. I write so can place my emotions on this page, so that I dnt have to feel it anymore. So I can write it away. So that I don't have to say out loud that " I like him" or he is always on my mind, that IM angry, that people suck , that life is f loud of shit.
No , no more revelations will form in my mind. No inspirational words. They just lead to hopeless moments and lifeless living. But by all means go a head and write , read and find them for yourself. I on the other hand need something more then moments of awesome ideas.


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