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In an Instant

written by: T.W.N.D

These chains, we're trapped like
Dogs on leashes.
Only allowed to go so far
Before a yank, restrain and "No!"
Stuck in motion forever going,
An assembly line they call life.
Bound by what we know, yet
Running for the unanswered
We are stuck in
Repetitive motion to the thoughts in
Out heads,
Strictly following rules and regulations
All in a day's work.
Crank the chains, move faster
Never knowing
But forever moving.
Learning life in years
When life itself changes in
We are behind.
And no, we do not know
After all. Until it's
Over and the crank slows
The chains break, but for a
Moment so our souls may fly
No longer trapped and complete understanding,
Life is learned in an instant.


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