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Alf's (in)famous but probably true quotes

written by: alf hickey

Satan has always been a preacher. It started in the Garden of Eden and continues through the normalisation and perpetual promotion of immorality in the every day.

When people realise that "mental health" issues are usually most commonly caused by the environment and other people around, then the abuse which most commonly causes mental illness will stop. All behaviour to a person changes chemical behaviour in the brain. Infact it can be argued that physical action and response pre-empts chemical "repsonses." The illegalisation of psychological abuse is the only way to stop common mental illness.

In Australia, there is a common pattern, that women feel they can get away with anything. This now sees the abuse of many men, without recourse or defence. This has now become a norm in society, the "fairer sex" is all that more fairer now. Its a no wonder there are a whole generation of men depressed because of unjustified divorce, infidelity, losing their hard earned money and the ongoing abuse by women. Recently I have come across examples of males being raped, and nothing being done about it.

Some people think to be a servant means you are under them (the servant). This indicates that they are totally self deluded and full of wrong motives.

I write long sentences because, I can hold my breath for a long time.

Because of the predominance of Scientific and Economic, Left brained people in MTS and running the Sydney Evangelical movement, it is a cult of Positivism, it has lost sight of the real aims of scripture and relationship with Jesus, it is a failure, despite the spirit working in a very few of its leaders, it is sad.

You can always tell a person ignorant about Christianity and Christians. They think that to be a Christian you have to be a good person. They have totally missed the point. To be Christian you have to know that you are bad, a sinner and need God for Salvation, life and to live, mortally and eternally. According to scripture, while humans are made in the image of God, and have the potential for good, this is stained by sin and an absence of God's love. This changes with the transformation by the spirit withi them, true love for self, others and God can abound. The Glory is always to Jesus and what he does and has done. This is the test of a real Christian. Prime glorification to self or something else indicates an absence of God in the person's life.

A Christian's job is to serve. After being abused, a Christian will love the person who has abused them, even want to help them. Most people on the other hand live for self and to be served, they have no other guiding principle. Their belief system is self based or selfish in its reference, this includes group or social acceptance.

To really live, one has to be ready to die.

It is a myth that science runs the current world. If at all, the contribution of science is to send us back to superstitions deeper than those of the Middle Ages, where vague perceptions and human show, pride, power and the priveledged dictate again, this is the effect of the ignorance and hidden secret knowledge of "scientists" in the world. Look around you and ask what drives people, how do they make decisions and why they succeed ? Or better still, listen to their conversations secretly, and assess what drives and guides.

In the worldly view of intelligence, intelligent design is not that intelligent. The bible says the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate, and God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the "wise."

Is the universe deterministic is a less important question than "is there is a creator."

I tell people that put me down, that they
!! depend !! on me to have their superior status, without me they would not be above me. So they should pay me well for this priveledge, or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

The fact that people conform to something, means they are rebelling against something else. So everyone is a radical rebel and a conservative conformist. And yes, you can generalise !

Syncretism and pluralism are a nonsense as beliefs, movements and ideas by their very nature are mutually exclusive of the positions and even epistemological frameworks in others. Two ideas that are different, or oppose the logic of another cannot be both true or fact. It would be irrational to suggest otherwise.

Bouncy Space...
In the case of a subjective decision, or a moratorium on a belief dialectic, a state exists where a separate "bouncy space exists," this can be likened to the dialectics that operate in society, while a functional world community (emergent whole) is apparent.

Everyone is lonely, its the void that fills all, everyone wants love. There are two states relationally, the lonely and avoiding the void through activity. Without others, be it the Holy Spirit within, others, angels or other life, humans are alone. At the end of the day. If a person is particularly sensual and feed this , they are particularly alone, because the sensual connection ears, eyes, smell taste and touch runs through so many filters from the senses to the soul. To curb loneliness one has to transcend the senses and have souls connect. This is the deepest longing of people. Most live in the denial of their loneliness. It comes out when the things people cling to, pass away.

Until the wedding feast of the lamb, the universe is one big chastity belt.

Career is just a skin deep camouflaged chastity belt.

Anyone with standards is judgemental.

Skinny people might look good, but they feel bad.
(Society's eyes)

Any tradition is a contemporary idea upon which people get fixated for extended periods of time.

If someone tells you, that you have to prevent letting people tell you what you have to do, they are a mindless hypocrite control freak playing with your head. They are trying to become your ontology (prime reality) if you like. A healthier way to think is to balance a person's character and words for consistency and truth.

I'm not a feminist, a socialist, or a chauvenist, I'm a realist.

There are possibility, probability, actuality, fantasy and reality.

Every person is a street preacher, the message is just different.

Churches have feminised preaching by sticking it in a safe shoe box off the street, but thats ok, because we are a woman (the bride of Christ).

I don't know whether my anima or animus is dominant today.

You can't trust a situated person.

God is neither male or female, there is no need to reproduce in heaven. He calls Himself a male because sexuality is a central, mystical but temporary communication tool. The man represents Jesus, the woman represents His people, this is the pattern of the bible.

Angels are never women, they usually have gender non-specific names

Narcissism never broke the mirror, but it might break the camera lens.

The Hindus were probably right about photos stealing the soul (in a materialist scientific universe anyway) because image and perception is everything in "western" society so when you photoshop them with smaller boobs, misrepresent them and capture them in a square, you control their "material soul."

Its better to be a Satanist than an atheist, at least then you'll believe in God. Its better to be a "Christian" than a Satanist, then you can know God as a friend.

Feminism is Chauvenism (A quote from a feminist researcher).

There are two types of people, aliens and robots ! (That flying dude who has the crush on Clare in Heroes stole my quote)

If Australia were a democracy, fat people would be in fashion.

The Christ archetype is emotionally hard-wired into every human being. We are designed to respond to it emotionally (to be tested).

God invented Post Modernism, it's a precondition of free choice.

Post Modern is an archetype.

When we can overcome the protobehaviours of hunger or instinct for survival, we can focus with our spiritual faculties and even conquer other desire, that's why its only useful to fast for longer periods of time.

When are you going to pop them out (standard line to couples)

You can't be sustainable and also follow transcendentalist or evolutionary ideas. To be satisfied and content with simple things is the only way to be sustainable.

While competitive market forces regulating price can contain our lust for things and waste, economics was designed as a temporary system.

Unions have lost their soul, what has become of the real underdog today.

There is no such thing as a gay or hetero person. Apart from the fact that souls are sexless, our first sexual experiences are asexual, they are sexualised through later contextualisation, association, social programming and reinforcement.

If you are heterophobic, does that mean you're hetero.

The universe is a true adaptive ecology, when you pull one element out of place, it adapts to and can substitute for the missing part. An example is psychic ability. When one eliminates it through selective perception, an artificial form will substitute, this could be the telephone, or even the mobile phone or internet. When we eliminate God we substitute Him with an artificial God, heaven and even creation.

The state of the Earth is a literal function of the state of our relationship with God. When we give God the finger the earth groans and suffers, when we give God the thumbs up, the Earth rejoices and is fruitful.

We have to ban smoking, especially that of cars, I still dont get why there is a cigarette coming out of their rear end.

Go and play with your barbie dolls.

The main function of sex is pretty obvious.

Memory is bodily, when we dream the effectors are shut down. An idea, is that that is why we don't remember them.

As an alcoholic spirit can cleanse a wound, so the holy spirit can heal a broken soul.

In India you have more freedom than Australia. In Australia there are laws and regulations about everything. It is oppressive, you have to stay at home or you might be arrested for living.

Sometimes I think the world is just one big mental hospital.

I wont support a tyrant, unless they are fair, care, look out for people's needs and have a conscience which they act on.

Gravity is a push force, not an attractive force, a whole "history" of energy pushes at every point in space, from all directions. When a mass is placed infront of this object, the object is pushed into that mass.

In the dramatic arts, the Christ archetype dictates the engagement of our deepest emotions.


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