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A Life of Meaning

written by: Kmpresley

We don't exist on the planet for an extensive period of time. Thus, an obligation exists to make the most out of our time and to above all be happy. That's all it comes down to. It seems trite, yet most can't lift their heads from their cubicles to realize this principle. The American capitalist lifestyle kills the persuit of happiness and in its stead creates the notion of the "American Dream"- that we must work and earn money to consume and become this image that we will perpertually fall short of. What if I don't want the birth, sex, death paradigm? To tie myself down to a man in a marriage of indifference and work my life away waging for the machine. We have been brought so far away from nature and our hearts' pure desires, we are convinced to live our lives based on restraining cultural narratives and often times do not pause to question what we ourselves strive to achieve here. I grieve for the generations before me that have sucumbed to the practices of the time, for those that have lived their lives in vain.
The solution is to live life without restrains. Food tastes good, sex feels good, continue this process onward. The conscience informs what is right and what is wrong for each unique design. Follow it and pay no heed to the religious right who tell you homosexuality is a perverse adult practice or the Islamic fundamentalists who ban prized pieces of literature. Or go ahead and consider the discrepencies of ideologies. As aforementioned, it's up to one's personal makeup to know what feels legitimate and not a blind zeitgeist.


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