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Afterlife ?

written by: alf hickey

The evidence of an afterlife is in question from the sources that I know. Here's a quick summary of some knowledge and ideas.

At School in India, a Bhuddist Bhutanese and a Naga guy tried to show evidence of reincarnation from their own mind. First they would be hypnotised by a friend (too quickly in retrospect), and then after suggestion, they would make convincing sounds, like the growling of a tiger. A number of similar manifestations would emerge in others, usually animals as evidence of reincarnation.

This year a Taiwanese friend was telling me the story of a dead relative that appeared to him and guided him on a few occasions.

In India a missionary friend of my dad, after her husband died, had a glowing figure stand in the corner of her room, which she understood to be her "dead" husband.

An ex-girlfriend explained the story of a dead relative who gave guidance about where to find lost things in the family that no one could find and took poltergeist form breaking photos of family, this relative had despised certain elements of the family during her life in the photos.

She also explained how a child in another family she knew, could see her dead grandmother and spoke and played with her.

A Phillipino friend from High School explained how in the Phillipines, one of his relatives has books fly off the shelf and hit them, he witnessed this happen.

In the biblical account, (which relates to the Greek from the use of language), the dead are in waiting, and their spirits can be accessed. Even in the Hebrew scriptures, Samuel is raised by the witch of Endor, under the instruction of King Saul. Interference with the afterlife is strinctly discouraged in scripture.

Jesus is also understood to take several human forms in scripture, a distinct anthropomorphic figure who takes the name "Lord" (king) as distinct from angels. These events are called Christophanies in theology and are there in New and Old Testaments.

Some of the phenomena at seances today, are examples of manifestations of an "intelligent interactive entity," though the source of the movements and information is questionable.

In the Hindu account, it is understood that the Hindu gods/godesses were real kings who have been deified as much as the Roman idea of Ceasar as a God. My Uncle who went to school in India was taught as much by Hindu teachers. Buddhism is co-derivative of this development of polytheistic ideas.

The bible speaks of some dead rising when Jesus was crucified and walked around Jerusalem shgocking people. The ability to raise the dead is ascribed to the beast in Revelation and to Christ. Eternal life though is a gift of God through Christ.
It is understood that the souls of people and their bodies will somehow be rejoined and a new/transformed body provided later.

In England, a guy from Kodak, one of the inventors of modern film was explaining how he can have Oob's (Out of body experiences) by relaxing his body to a certain state and just leaving it. In this form, sensory awareness is intact, but the "bodily form is not clear." From one report he "went" to another person's room, and they had an awareness of his presence and who it was, there was something of his personality, identifiable that travelled with him. My father has also had an OOb during an operation, after which he could describe the events during the procedure.

There is speculation about visions of places. That is, can a vision of something, be passed down generationally via soul or materially (genetically). I know a few people who have these visions of places they haven't been to before.

Auras can be seen by many people but reports from two people in my family show that as a person dies, or is sick, their aura gets smaller and smaller until the person is lifeless. Is this some indication of the spirit ?

There are so many permutations of possibility, it is hard to come up with a rational answer.
Some of the variables include:

Other spirits, lying spirits, the ability (in question) of a human soul's ability to occupy another organism, the nature of the body and soul, genetic/quantum memory from other beings (we have atoms from Jesus dead skin cells for example in us as well as the pidgeon who sat on the lawn a few years ago)- does this matter affect memory, temporary possession by spirits, does and aura relate to the spirit ?, Is the body of a person during an Oob dead ?, Can the "soul" transmigrate during an Oob. Do ghost's exist, what is the nature of the place of departed spirits (sheol/hades-not hell) if this exists, who or what decides the movement of souls and on what basis. What is reality, if memory and perception are themself constructed ? What is the normal state of affairs and is this in itself fixed ?

What I believe at the moment:

There seems to be a fair bit of ghost phenomena and entities with personality and connections with and presence of "souls" in the afterlife, these suggest continuance of our personality and a form after death. If spirits can enter animals [eg. Balam's donkey- (some argue that Balam imagined this), the serpent in creation], or the spirits that enter the sheep. Then reincarnation might be possible to animals, for example if a spirit can possess an animal, a human soul might too ?

This does not seem the norm, and for me, seems too material, as if it is the person's ratio designing a solution, as opposed to a truth. It seems to me an attempt to equate spirit with matter, even the continuance of that matter through consumption in an ecological system. Same goes for the idea of reincarnation and the notion of soul passing to another entity with a system of "reward/punishment" like karma. Seems an attempt to control people, the same way people misuse the idea of heaven and hell. The very in-human, "alien" idea, idea of Grace, seems more real, where people can be unconditionally forgiven by Jesus.

It is my understanding, that the ultimate fear of humans is inexistence. It is also my understanding that the ultimate indicator of fabricating fact are hints of materialist philosophy, because it lends itself to alternative "fantasies," which we pose as the combination of other existing units, in mind and expression.


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