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all yours (sarah)

written by: babeestars

his arms were warm and reasuring. his body pressed against mine, his warm breath tickling my ear. he held my hands in his. "wow," i turned my face to look at him.
"what?" i asked, a grin spreading across my face. he kissed my lips softly.
"your hands are so cold!" i smiled, biting my lip. he rubbed my hands gently. "lets warm them up, shall we?" he whispered softly.
"tom! did you see! i did it. oh yer oh yer!"
"sorry, i missed it do it again."
"right" joe looked straight ahead. his eyes focused on one point. his legs started to move running towards the ramp pushing him with a flieing leap over the gap. he pulled his legs up
"i think he might do it!" tom sounded amazed. then joes legs flicked out, his arms flailed and his head hit the floor. "oh my god!" i screamed. unwrapping myself from his arms i began to run over to joe who was still lieing on the floor. he began to sit up. "oh my god are you ok?" i knelt down beside him. he rubbed his kneck.
"yer im good"
"you should stay still. erm."
"jenny, stop worring hes fine," i lookeed back at tom standing behind me and smiled. joe grinned.
"ooh owwwww." he said dramatically. i took his hand and pulled him up. "you might have to kiss it better." he said. joe put his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him. my lips brushed his kneck before i pulled away.
"oih!" tom said. i ran back to his arms, wrapping mine around his kneck.
"im all yours" i said. his head moved towards mine tilting to the right. his lips met mine, gental and soft, then firmer. his hands spread across my back pulling me closer. his tongue brushing my lips lightly.
"ok, ok. guys, get off each other." i turned my head.
"just cos' your jelous!" tom called over my shoulder. joe had a look of thought on his face.
"yer, and?" he said. i laughed turning to face tom again.
"and your all mine." he spoke the words quietly. i nodded slightly before kissing his cheek. he ran his fingers through my hair.
"all yours" i said in response.
"ok!" joe said getting impatient. i turned away from tom and bagan to walk away.
"ok so were are we heading?" tom came behind me taking my hand in his, our fingers interlocking.
"that way." he pointed over my shoulder.
"then that way it is."


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