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adrenaline rush (sarah)

written by: babeestars

i tightened m hands on the ropes, my heart thumpig so loud i was sure everyone else could hear it. my hands sweaty and loosing grip. my breath deep yet it didnt feel like any oxygen was going to my brain. i was dizzy, my legs weak beneath me, being held up only by the ropes tied complicatedly around my waist and legs. i breathed in deeply through my mouth.
"you ready?" i wasnt sure but i had to do it now, i coudlnt back out. i nodded slowly. i could see tom standing there, biting his nail nervously.
"wait!" he shouted. i stepped towards the edge. "wait!" he ran towards the barriers but a string looking man held him back.
"its not safe to go beyond this point" the mans voice boomed out reaching my ears.
"its ok" i said to the man, "you can let him through" the tall man stepped aside.
"please, pleas dont so it"
"i have to" i told him
"no," he pleaded whith me "no, you dont." his eyes looked sad and worried "i love you." i smiled
"and i love you" he kissed me gently.
"please dont do this to me." i held his head in my hands, i kissed his lips, firm n strong. his tongue brushing mine.
"erm," i quite voice came from behind me. i pulled away n turned towards the edge.
"ok," i said, my foot slipped slightly on a pebble causing me to stumble, catching my balance just in time. i stood carfully my heels over the edge. i took another deep breath before nodding and taking a step down. my foot vertical against the cliff face. i took another step then another.
"ok," a voice called from the top "gently push yourself out. i shut my eyes, bent my legs and pushed slightly, like i was jumping. it was like i was flying, i braced myself as my feet came into contact with the rock wall. i pushed again, this time flying slightly further out. talking myslef through the steps form training. i met the wall with a bit off a stumble. i stopped before countinuing. the ropes slipped around my waist. a small scream left my lungs. my hands tightend again on the rope. "its ok" i said to myself. i took anotheer deep long breath. i bent my legs nervously then pushed out with more force then before, but my fet didnt leave the cliff face together, only seconds apart but enough t start me spinning, i could feel the wall rushing towards me but one final spin took me feet first into it. but it wasnt over. my left foot kept slipping threating to push me into the rocks. "stop, take a moment" hanging in mid-air. the feeling amazing, yet petrifiing aswell. "ok" i steadyed my breathing. slowly bringing my legsback up to the wall. the ropes eamed to be getting looser. "dont be stupid" i told myself "ofcourse the ropes arnt getting looser" but the seamed to be getting lower on my legs. i slid my hand down the rope, following it aroud to the knots. "one," i started to count, "two," i slid my hand further round "three," but that ine didnt feel right, i pulled a rope to test it but it just came undone. "help!" i screamed. i knewv for certain that wasnt supposed to happen. the radio on my belt flickered into life. "are you ok!" the person seemed worried. i fumbled clumsly for it. i gripped it tightly i my hand. "no, one of te knots has come undone." i told him.
"erm." the radio was slipping in my hand. but i didnt dare let go of the rope with my other hand. "well, your to far down to pull you back up, espacially without one of the knots, its not safe." well done, i thought.
"but its not safe for me to go on without it either."
"well, you have no choice," he told me, fear in his voice. i took yet another deep breath, slowly in, slowly out.
"well carry on lowering you." i could hear voices in the background, it was tom.
"wait." i said,
"what, what is it?"
"i need to talk to tom."
"but." started the man on the end
"let me talk to him" i ordered him
" there was a rustling before i herd his voice, tearful,terrified, he sounded ike i felt.
"jenny, please, i need you, you have to make it down."
"ill try my best." i paused, neither one of us said anything. "i love you tom, with all my heart, ive never loved anyone the way i love you, i need you too, and theres no way i wont make it down, because i need to see your face again. thats whats willing me on." his voice was distant
"i love you so much." he sniffed asthough he was crying.
"ill meet you at the bottom." i told him befre slipping the rado back onto my belt." i took a carful step down, not daring to push away from the wall, adranline pumped through my blood, my brain in a daze, not focusing, my eyes blurred and useless, guided only by my feet on the cliff. step by step i began to lower myself further down. i didnt dare look below me. then i judered to a halt, theyed stoped feeding rope at the top. my radio started to crackle again. "theres a knot," the man told me. "one that shouldnt be there. we cant feed the rope unil its undone, we coudl be a while." i reached for the radio. holding the button i strted to talk, "please, just get me down." i pleaded.
"were doing our best." then it went blank. i could feel the rope trembling in my fingers, then it started to slip. the rope around my waist slipping up towards my head. "no, no no no!" i shouted, this couldnt be happening. i took a deep breath a looked down. regretting it and looking straight back up, i wasnt even half way yet. nowhere near. the ropes continued to slip, the ropes around my legs loosening, i gripped the rope as tight as i could trying to take as much weight of the knots as i could, but it wasnt working, it just kept slipping, my head light and dizzyness washing over me, "focus," i whispered. the radio leaped back into life. "ok, where ready to carry on."
"its too late."
"what?" the man seemed confused.
"im going to fall," i replyed " the ropes have completly slipped, im going to fall." i started to panick as i realised what i was sying was all true. the ropes juddered above me, causing them to slip even more. "stop!" i screamed into the radio. "every time you move the ropes the more i slip!" i told them
"erm." they didnt know what to do. "but you have to keep going." he said
" well you better have someone at the bottom to catch me." i manage to say before the radio slipped from my grip. i grabbedthe rope with both hands "shit!" i cursed loudly. "ok, so keep goin?" i hesitated before expermentally movin a leg lower. that didnt seem so bad. i repeated this proces with the other leg. but then i felt it gived, one of the other knots must have ocme undone to. "shit!" i repeated. they was another jolt from above causing the rope to fall completly from one leg. i braced myself, i knew i was going to fall, whether i would make it or not i didnt know, it wasnt supposed to be liek this. "i love you tom." i whispered, i knew he coudlnt hear me but i needed to say it before i fell. before it was all over. "never forget me." i feltthe ropes give a bit mor nolonger supportng me, i could feel myself slipping from its grip. and then it as gone, the air rushed around me. i flailed my arms wildley my legs kicking out, trying to stop me falling, down and down, dreading the end, yet willing it closer. it felt like a lifetime. they say your life flashes infront of you, but it didnt. did that meen i had no life. but i could see people, faces, tom, and katie. they were my life, and i didnt want to let them go, ever. i felt the floor crash through me, pain pulsating in every part of my body, i didnt dare move a muscle. i coudl see my radio lying smashed on the floor a few metres away. if thats what itd dome to that what had it done to me. tears slid silently down my face. my lungs tight and painfull. "help me" i gasped for air as the words left my mouth. i could hear cars btuthey were to far away, i needed help now. "please," i breathed. i coudltn take it anymore, i closed my eyes, trying to block it all out, "please!"


Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 10:34PM

Your prose are so gripping! ... and morbid! Great job!

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