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Alf's 12 Theses for the MTS movement

written by: alf hickey

MTS is a Phil Jensonite Sydney Evangelical "Ministry Training Scheme," whose not so secret aim is to evangelicalise Australian Churches, despite many already being evangelical, after Sydney Archbishop Marcus Loane's invitation to Billy Graham for 1959. While by the last year of their theological training, some of them get the point, the average "type" of person going through the training and the arrogance about being the only real evangelicals in Australia, makes for some unhealthy patterns. It has not been the success, Phil Jenson reports, in reference to Colin Marshall's "Passing the Baton."

Remember that: You guys are just FELLOW SERVANTS, FELLOW SERVANTS ! If you claim to be more than this, you are a cult.

Alf's 12 Theses.

1. We are trying to tell the gospel of Christ not our own (MTS has been known to preach a Phil Jensonite/Matthaias gospel)
2. We are trying to disciple people to Jesus in teaching, not to us (It seems apprenticeship is the new catchword for discipling people to us)
3. We are just servants of Christ, not some new form of Old School Roman Catholic mediator authority (I have seen old traditional models arise through MTS that take the church back to before Reformation)
4. Sydney Jensonite Evangelicals are not the only evangelicals on Earth and Moore College isn't the only Evangelical Bible College (I had an MTS clown some years ago say that London Bible College has never been Evangelical- Tell that to John Stott- and that Moore College is the only Evangelical Bible College- one of your MTS "mature" heroes).
5. A person carrying the brand MTS is not necessarily a guaranteed reflection or server of Christ (Humans are fallible, MTS shouldn't give them some special authority)
6. MTS should not be given power in churches because, this would mean MTS "controls" churches (MTS is fallible, and are not the only way)
7. You are not the Pope and if you follow the line "we are the only real evangelicals or real Christians" and try to be the authority this way - (MTS would be a clear cult).
8. One person type should not be universal. (The predominance of Science, IT, Economics and Left brain student recruits in the past, has created a perpetuating of a cultish prejudice against other types of people and personalities).
9. You must be wary not to preach a "style," but that the gospel is preached through various means and styles, as much as God does so with us. Yes scripture is still the authority !
10. Its not our job to change cultures or races, but to adapt the gospel to cultures and races, Jesus is no fan of Anglocentricism, or Positivism, it bores Him (I noticed some CMS missionaries bagging out Japanese culture at an AFES conference some years ago, saying that Japanese culture was against the gospel- they should not be missionaries, or should be corrected ! )
11. You guys aren't making churches evangelical, Billy Graham did that in the 60s, evangelicalism isn't new to Australia or the world (Don't think your'e doing something new, because you're not. You have offended so many real believers with your MTS arrogance and style, claiming Jenson's techniques are the only Evangelical way, it has been way off, but you just don''t seem to have the perspective to see that)
12. Christians don't convert only God Converts (You cannot create a relationship between a person and God, they do that themselves) with the help of The Holy Spirit.


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